Car Clubs & Officers Page

For clarity, the SVA is not a car club and cannot replace the excellent work they do for members. 

Many club officers will know me from my days with Aon-Footman James as Clubs Manager, those with whom I worked also know me as a keen enthusiast and car club member myself.  For years, my focus has been supporting clubs, owners and the wider classic sector, this is why the SVA was built with you the Club officers and Classic & Collectible car enthusiasts in mind..

The SVA recognises all Clubs and Classic & Collectible car owners, so you can enjoy an even bigger range of discounts, exclusive competitions and more as an enthusiast.

But, we know Enthusiast Clubs are core to the life of the Classic and Collectible world.  Clubs registering with us are provided many additional benefits to support them both financially and for us to introduce new members to you.  ALL THIS IS FREE OF CHARGE FOR CLUBS:

  1. Add your club to our ‘Clubs Oracle’, so we can help you the Club officers to add value for members
  2. Display your club on the SVA website, including images, logo and full contact details for other enthusiasts to find you
  3. Get expert advice & discounts on Web Site Development, this includes a full FREE audit on your site plus help with SEO all free
  4. Attract new members with our FREE ‘Member Driver Pack’, packed with good ideas
  5. Discount on any printing and point of sale for club activities, including event equipment, leaflets and more
  6. Expand your club benefits with all those provided by the SVA Trade Members, completely free of charge to your paid up members
  7. Our Club Insurance parter Hagerty has NO restrictive contracts to sign, and they wont demand anything from you!  They pay commission as many insurers  do, but NEVER restrict how much you receive, because they authentically want to support you!  Just say you are an SVA member and see the difference!
  8. Advertise your events and anniversaries with the SVA and let us boost attendance to make them even busier..

To register your club, go to ‘Join Now’email us or give me a call on 01243 264056 / Mob: 07927 212401

And let the SVA start working for you!

Martyn Raybould  MD