Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

Congratulations John Woods Motorcare of Flintshire North Wales UK!

John Woods Motorcare is the proud recipient of our latest free membership promotion with the SVA, winning this fantastic ‘Tome’ of a book in A3 Nikki Lauda His Competition History by Jon Saltingstall. Donated to the SVA membership by Evro Publishing.

Instantly collectible tome of a book with everything you needed to know about this iconic Formula 1 legend. Including his early years and battles with British driver James Hunt..

The draw was a simple one open to all trade members of the association, the first draw of a kit bag FULL of ValetPRO car cleaning and finishing products was drawn on 31st December. Won by Powerlite starter motors, with this being the second draw.. In January and February we have another free draw open again to all current and new members with the new book from Veloce Publishing, a signed and limited 1000 run copy of Formula 1 The first 1000 races..

Formula 1 All The Races – The First 1000
Written by Roger Smith this book is a Bible for Formula 1 fans with every single race and its details from the British Grand Prix in 1950 to the 2019 one in China

For more details or to become a Free to Join member of the SVA simply go to our members page and click Join Now or get in touch for more details.

Martyn Raybould Managing Director 01243 264056

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