Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

Covid-19 advice on investing through the Corona Virus pandemic in the short term.

As many of our members know the SVA recommends St James Place-McKenzie & Co financial planning and investments to our members. To provide more information regarding investing through this difficult time, they have kindly provided us this link to view

Covid-19 or ‘Coronavirus’ is now a World wide officially termed ‘Pandemic’
This means the illness is global and spreading to all regions

Our own liaison with McKenzie & Co is Isabel Clark. She is inviting any business or person wishing to arrange a telephone or virtual meeting to find out more on safely managing monies at this time and importantly, with protecting incomes should the unthinkable happen.

McKenzie and Co are an Official Partner to the SVA

Isabel’s full contact details can be found on her SVA landing page:

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