Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

During Covid19 isolation there will be some serious car time to be had.. Our good friends from Evro publishing want to make that time rewarding for SVA members and visitors!


For the month of April Evro are offering many of their books at half price, supplied directly. They include award-winning memoirs, brilliant biographies and authoritative motorsport histories. Bringing motoring home.

Here are some highlights:

The Perfect Car: The biography of John Barnard
By Nick Skeens

“If ever I was stuck on a desert island, this outstanding biography is the one motor racing book I’d want with me.”
Retro Speed
£40   £20
Brian Redman: Daring Drivers, Deadly Tracks
By Brian Redman with Jim Mullen

“Brian Redman’s long-awaited racing biography is a cracker. Frank, outspoken, amusing and often sad… a damn good read.”
Motor Sport
£50   £25
My Greatest Defeat
Stories of hardship and hope from motor racing’s finest heroes
By Will Buxton

“These accounts are fascinating and packed with genuinely meaningful introspection and reflection… massively poignant.”
£19.99   £10
John Surtees: My Incredible Life on Two and Four Wheels
By John Surtees with Mike Nicks

“The candour of the copy and the carefully chosen, information-packed pictures make this, for me, the world champion motoring book of the year.”
Autocar (Steve Cropley)
£50   £25
Lotus 72
By Pete Lyons

“Pete Lyons has delivered a treasure trove… a captivating labour of love.”
Motorsport News
£50   £25
Stirling Moss: My Racing Life
By Sir Stirling Moss with Simon Taylor

“This book is a wonderful reminder of Moss’s innate talent at the wheel.”
Daily Telegraph
£50   £25

 Evro Publishing has a huge range of Automotive books to meet every automotive interest, to see more or buy your next book please click on any of the images above or go to

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