Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

‘To be, Or not to be Electric’ That is the question?

OK, so it’s a play on the words from William Shakespear in Hamlet, but you get the idea.

The world is going a little doolaly for Electric vehicles (EV), at least governments and the EV zealots would have us believe so. Now we as the Trade Association for Classic and Modern Collectible cars, know there are at this time no ‘Collectible’ electric vehicles yet, but in the years to come of course there will be.

There are some undoubted EV lemons out there, early cars that have a very short distance and longevity capability, that may become collectible in years to come. There are also now high net worth cars including Ferrari embracing the EV wave, but when you think that in full electric mode, the car will only travel around 15 miles! Yes! I did say just 15 miles, what’s the point.. It is a hybrid though, so likely to be used on EV, when entering say the city centres of London, Milan, or Munich etc.

The SVA is a responsible and forward looking body though, so we have as members both EV conversion specialists such as RBW Classic Electric Cars. Now converting your classic car to either hybrid or full EV is a tough call, and should be carefully considered. But if driving and owning a very affordable classic is your aim, perfect. If your a hard core purist or have money invested be careful! Owners may decimate any value in the car by making such a radical change to its structure and capabilities. Changing to EV is no small thing like enhancing a classic with a Lithium Ion battery, you can always swap back to acid battery and keep the provenance of your car intact.. The great news is apparently, the performance of an EV is unbelievable!

RBW Classic Electric Cars

This MG roadster is 100% Electric Vehicle converted and it’s a darling! Click on the image to see more!

Advanced Electric Machines

Based in Washington, in the North East of England. Advanced Electric Machines is a fast growing and extraordinary company that explores, designs and more importantly, actually builds sustainable electric engines! And the all important word here is ‘Sustainable’. Because many so called environmental engines have rare metal components that are definitely not good for the environment..

Proper sustainable electric vehicle machines will be the future!

How do you the average environmentally friendly human decipher all the stuff on electric cars? And how do you really know to believe the hype?

Well that part is easy! Because Veloce Books have published a book to give you all the facts, the advice you need as a buyer and a real insight into Electric Vehicles (EV).

‘Electric Cars’ by Peter Henshaw

Is a simple, straightforward guide to buying your first electric car. Concentrating on practical aspects, myth busting, and answering many commonly asked questions, the book also looks into the exotic side of electric vehicles. This is a comprehensive guide to the world of electric cars.

Increasingly common sight in the UK towns and soon our side streets

A simple, straightforward guide to buying your first electric car. Why go electric now when other fuels are still widely available? What are the pros and cons? How do I charge it? What public or private charge point options are there? Are electric cars really greener than petrol/diesel cars? How do electric cars work? All this and more is explained with a minimum of jargon and tech speak. With a look at electric motorcycles, classic cars, records and racers, this handy guide is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of personal transport.

  • Why electric cars are important now
  • The advantages of electric car ownership
  • And the drawbacks
  • How to charge at home and out on the road
  • Different charging options/systems explained
  • Are they really greener than petrol/diesel?
  • How electric cars work – batteries, motors, systems
  • What is the future of battery technology?
  • Electric classic car conversions
  • Electric motorcycles and speed records

If you would like to know more, go to Veloce Books and buy the book at Electric Cars the book

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