Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

Specialist Vehicle Association Membership

Trade membership to the Specialist Vehicle Association is completely free of charge. But, to get the very best out of your association membership and to help get your business found, to grow and thrive even more.

We have listed 10 TOP TIPS to help you.

Now we know that many of our members will already be aware of some of this advice and we don’t want to teach experts to suck eggs! But refreshing and introducing ways to get your business found is never a bad thing.

The SVA is here for YOU, so to get the best out of your SVA membership we would like you to focus on tips 1-5 of the 10!

10 top tips to help grow your business online

Tell us about events, open days and other to help get your activity going
  • Build a quality website from a reputable provider/web host. This is a vital starting point for your business, because if visitors cant easily navigate around, see and find exactly ‘What you do’ in relation to ‘What they need’. then the visit will be productive. The SVA provides both Trade and Enthusiast Members with a FREE Audit or advice on your site or plans to build. To get yours go to (Please mention you are an SVA member to get the free audit)
  • Get your website found by building your SEO (Search Engine Optmisation). This is a process of ensuring the content (Words and Images) on your website are set out in the best way to be found by the search engines, (Google-Bing-Firefox-Yahoo) this activity can be substantially improved by writing fresh content about your business across as many Social Media platforms as you can including links back to your website and lots of images or video (Youtube). Advice can be found on the SVA News pages.
  • Get your logo/links displayed on other peoples websites as you can. Ask every company with whom you do business to display your logo and a link to your website. This will help the search engines find you.
  • Keep your SVA page up to date, make sure we are displaying all the products and services you offer. There is no charge ever for you to send or request updates to your page
  • Send SVA your NEWS! Let us trumpet across all platforms and social media your news, events, open days, discount drives or new services you have added. Tell us about them!
  • Display your SVA logo as an official member on your website! You can even add a small piece of content explaining you are a member of a world wide trade association. It is a recognised builder of customer confidence, being a member of an organisation. You will be in good company, take a look!
  • Add a benefit to your SVA page. As a trade member, you can display any discount or benefit to either trade members or enthusiast members (These are Owners, Collectors & Enthusiasts). Attract them to your business by showing a 10% for other Traders, or Free delivery on orders of £50 etc
  • Get a FREE WEBSITE AUDIT from Sharpmonkeys of Worcester UK. They are the company that both built and fully maintain our website. They will look at your site and make observations for you to go back and make changes, or they will give you a special rate for any work done by them as an SVA trade member
  • Be Careful of spurious offers of digital services (SEO development). There are a miriad of so called ‘SEO Experts’ who will charge thousands of pounds to get your site found. In fact most of your SEO you can do yourself, but get the facts on exactly what will they do for your money? What gurantees can they offer to improve your place in the search engines?
  • And finally! Get yourself on a review platform such as ‘Trust Pilot’ Next to adding video to your website, posting positive reviews from customers is a great way to bolster confidence in customers and to help get you found. For every job you do, or product you sell, ask them to review you or send them to your Trust Pilot link on your website.
Connect with other quality providers. SVA is proud to work with and support Race Against Dementia

Need even more help?

Just get in touch with the Specialist Vehicle Association and tell us how we can support your business. Whether it’s a marketing question, business insurance is getting too expensive or you want to expand abroad. Let us know and we will help you to research the solution you are seeking.

To get in touch at Go to our website news page at Give us a call on 01243 264056 or 07927212402.

Growing your business at the top, means you have to work harder to not lose customers at the bottom! Make sure you reward existing customers as much as new customers, if you want to win their loyalty..

Be safe and have a great 2021!

Martyn Raybould MD

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