Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

Get the most our of SVA Trade or Partners Membership

Getting the most our of SVA membership is easy, but like all things in life you can do as much or as little as your load and needs allow. So here are just some of the things Membership with the Specialist Vehicle Association provides.

There are 3 membership levels with the SVA

  • *Displayed Member: To have your business listed and displayed for Owners, Collectors & Enthusiasts around the world to find you it’s FREE. We wil post your logo, full contact details and a written piece about your products & services.
  • **Trade Member: To be a full trade member is just £49.99. For this we build a full web landing page all about you, your products and services, any discount or benefit you would like to offer and lot’s more.
  • ***Partner member: To become an Official Partner costs £99.00. A tiny annual fee given we include all the benefits of Trade Membership, and we go the extra mile to open doors, promote and repost your content and SEO
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Let us help you be found, while you do whatever it is you do!

How to get the most out of SVA membership

To better show the benefits to the 3 memberships we have listed benefits available by stars.

  1. Make sure your page is fresh and up to date with what you do. This is important and completely free of charge to send us updates to make sure your page reflects everything you do and new services you provide
  2. Display your membership with our logo and a link behind it to our home or your page: This is important! Customers defer to experts and being a member of an official body is a perfect way to display that you are an authentic provider and expert in whatever it is that you do. Add the link to your SVA web page behind our logo and let customers see you are in excellent company!
  3. Send us regular news for us to re-post: This is a no brainer, as we need all we can to trumpet your existance and underpin everything you do and who you are.
  4. Display any benefit or discount on your page for either traders or owners.  You can see any clear discount etc displayed on the RH side of the page: Feel free to display a discount, benefit or other exclusive to either traders or owners to attract more interest.
  5. Add links to specific pages, sales or other in your SVA page: Displaying links on your SVA page to your advice, about us, or order pages can underpin your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), it’s free and you can have as many as you wish
  6. Provide us with tips and advice that we can post in your name.  We will always include links and confirmation of you being the source: We love talking to Owners, Collectors & Enthusiasts, and they are always seeking great advice, tips and more. And, who knows more about your business than you do? So send us those tops tips to shout about.
  7. You are free to make contact and network or invite others to network with you: This is a key benefit for members, pick up the phone and or email others and network widely.. Building your phone book, networking base and awareness is vital to growing your business
  8. Pick up the phone and introduce yourself, but for larger companies you want to meet we will open doors with an introduction: Simply drop us a line with who you want to introduction to and we will get the ball rolling
  9. We are happy to host competitions to over 10,000 in-house enthusiasts, 200 traders and the wider sector: You simply provide 1 or more prizes, from a book to some tools, clothing anything really.  We will need an image and I will create an interactive competition to drive traffic to your website and each month announce a winner for you to trumpet and promote, build a promotional calendar into your season and let us help it grow.
  10. We have contacts with every car club in the sector, if you host a Landrover, Range Rover, another marque specific promotion we can invite the club to get involved: Over our many years in the sector, we know most of the car clubs in the UK and some around the world, we have also recently also begun inviting clubs free of charge to register as Display Members free of charge. We want 1000,000 owners, collectors & enthusiasts to go with our 10,000 members we plan to attract.

Like we said, getting out of membership starts with action on your part, but the SVA will underpin your actions and help drive traffic to you. We are NOT a regulatory body, our job is getting the market to find you…

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