Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

Historics Auction Ascot Racecourse 12th March 2022

Historics Auction Ascot Racecourse 12th March 2022 is on!

And what an impressive collection of cars in their March auction. Buying from auction is fun and easy and despite the age old newby perception that if you ‘Scratch your nose you might buy a car’ is of course not true. The auctioneers are fast-thinking, friendly and helpful and will know exactly who is buying and where they are in the crowd. And adding your car to the event is also easy and fast.

New to buying at auction?

If you are a tyre kicker and used to trawling through vast collections of cars in Classic Car Weekly and others, stop! Then go to an auction! All of the cars on consignment at the event can be viewed online with lots of images and details, as an example lets look at one that we think will be a real bargain! 2002 BMW 525i SE (Designated E28) This car is immaculate and has been cherished by its Japanese owner to perfection, take a look at some of the description below, to read the full piece click on the link above or the image.

There is NO RESERVE on this car, meaning it will be sold for whatever someone wants to pay on the day!

Imported from Japan, this immaculate example is presented in Metallic Grey with black leather interior and comes with full-service history including 14 invoices and 11 stamps in the book. It has an electric glass sunroof, heated electric front seats, cruise control, climate control and electric folding mirrors. These models are superbly built, offering great performance and comfort. It also comes with a mileage guarantee certificate‘. What’s not to like? And these are bulletproof, sublime cars to drive..

THE Muscle car of the day with no reserve!

Check out what we think is a superb and increasingly valuable collectors car, the mighty Jenson Interceptor Mk II

Now OK! Lets be careful here, because BUYING a muscle car with high ownership costs is one thing. OWNING and MAINTAINING it is entirely another! These cars are not cheap to own, they can be expensive to service and repair and imagine your shock to find you might get less than 12 miles to the gallon! YES! It is a 6.3Ltr Chrysler V8 engine that only did 13 mpg when it was new, take away a few horses and you will be lucky to get just 10 of thes brutes. But who cares, because as a pertrol head, as soon as you start and rev that engine you will suddenly find a huge grin appear across your face..

This Jenson comes with a great colour too!

With 171 cars on sale and the biggest Mercedes Fest in ages, you have to go.

With so many fine cars, great bargains and more, from modern collectible Bentley GT’s, late model and affordable Ferraries, to a superb money in the bank Ford RS Cosworth now reaching Jaguar E-Type values, we recommend a visit. Pre-Auction viewing is on Wed 9th, Thurs 10th, Fri 11th and Sat 12th. The sale starts on the Saturday at 9.30am.

One that surprised even us was the values now of 80’s iconic cars like the RS Cosworth in this show, now it is an exceptional and rare car, but Cosworths now reaching over £80,000 and well into Jaguar E-type territory just goes to show how ‘Investorcollecting’ can be an excellent basis for part of your old age pension pot.. (Beware, take advice and research widely before investing in the metal!

To find out more go to Historics Auctions

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