Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

Important Ferrari collection problem quickly solved by SVA member Power-lite..

The Jim Glickenhaus Ferrari collection

Having a World class collection of Ferrari’s or any other cars is a great thing. But, when the cars have been standing for months or even years, starting them is an entirely a different matter, as Jim Glickenhaus found on numerous occasions over the years.

The issue was solved by Power-lite starter motors of Brierley Hill, Birmingham. Their high tech modern starter motors transformed Jim’s ability to start long standing cars with ease, and by retaining the original equipment the vehicle’s provenance was retained..

If you have a showroom collection, display or a private car or collection why not get in touch with Power-kite, as an SVA member you will receive a beneficial rate on any purchases. For more details go to or call 01384 261984

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