Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

Intelligent Chemicals ValetPRO apply advanced technology to paintwork finishing

ADVANCED COMPOUND is a true one-step compound that will bring life to the paintwork of a vehicle. It will eliminate swirls, holograms and sanding marks to leave a high gloss finish.
Advanced Compound relies solely on the highly refined abrasive agents to enhance paint work – it has NO fillers or silicone to temporarily mask imperfections. It leaves the perfect finish for your chosen LSP (Last Step Product) be that a wax or sealant.
This ‘intelligent cut’ formulation can be used with DA or rotary machines or applied by hand with a ValetPRO Polish Applicator.

SVA Says: I regularly use ValetPRO products to maintain my own Mercedes E-350 125 Edition and as a member of Mercedes Benz club and member of GRRC I like turning up to events in a manner that makes me feel great about my car. As they say at the BBC, ‘Other brands are available’, but so far I have used the Glass cleaner, Wheel de-grease/cleaner and shampoo, finding them all doing an excellent job. If your new to ValetPRO products, they are a British manufacturer down in sunny Newhaven, so, if you feel buying British is great when you can AND you want a quality product go online to and see what they can do for you cherished vehicle..

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