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To get maximum benefit & drive more customers & sales to your business, please check out the website & newsletters regularly. There will be new Founder Partners added, providing benefits to support you and many like you, and they will PAY YOU COMMISION for business introduced to them.

We will respond quickly & provide you a membership reference for making contact with & using the Founder Partners services.

Please ensure you or your customers mention the SVA so they can be reconised & access the exclusive benefits

Members introducing business to our Founder Partners or the SVA

As a member you will have exclusive access to use the services of our Founder Partners, several of these are Financial Services based and compliant with the FCA in their respective sectors.  Please be aware that the SVA have passed all compliance for its activities with any of these Financial Services businesses, however SVA members are ‘PASSIVE INFORMATION PROVIDERS’ only!  This means that you the member should not attempt to provide other members, our partners or the SVA with private and personal information about your customers.  ‘PASSIVE’ means you can display adverts, news or information but them or the SVA but must simply point any customer requests to the SVA or the Founder Partner itself using only its name, contact details they or the SVA display them, you may use also use, display or pass on to your customers links from the SVA or their website.  At no time should Members or Founder Partners unless specifically agreed and compliance completed in advance, retain, store, forward or provide contact or other details on customers from your business.

Founder Partners to the SVA

As a Founder Partner it is important that when introducing customers to other Partners, businesses, members or the SVA that at no time should customer private information, contact details or other such personal data be stored, retained, passed on or provided to any other unless you are fully compliant under GDPR or FCA rules.  Financial Service sector partners must undertake due diligence in assessing their role within the SVA and ensure full compliance relating to their sector is in place.  Where no such compliance has been assessed and properly put into place, all shared marketing must be ‘Passive’ in its nature, this means that any and all shared marketing activities both real and virtual should be limited to displaying of adverts, news, information or similar activities using information provided, links or other methods in a ‘Passive’ manner.

Remuneration from the SVA Founder Partners to Members

The SVA reward platform is based on trust, as such efforts will be made to ensure any commission or reward earned will be paid to the member where their name is clearly mentioned at point of sale by a customer with a Founder Partner, the SVA cannot guarantee that customers will have used the name of you the member which is the trigger for reward.

In some cases the SVA may receive commission for members introducing business to selected Founder Partners, where this or any portion is then forwarded to the member it will be done by cheque or BACS payment.  Any customers forwarded to the SVA or its Founder Partners should be encouraged to mention the name of that member as their ‘PASSIVE INTRODUCER’. Neither the SVA nor Founder Partner can ensure or guarantee any reward especially where there is no record of customers not mentioning a specific members name.  The SVA will endeavour to support and investigate member queries on this matter but reserves the right to make a final decision on whether to pay the Member any commission.  By signing to become a member of the SVA, the member confirms their acceptance of that position and the important compliance points listed below:

I understand as a member of the SVA, I/We are a Passive Introducer, I/We will not offer advice on Founder Partner products or services.  I/We also confirm we will not receive, retain or take payments of any kind in relation to SVA or Founder advertised products.

I further understand where customers seek advice, information or a quotation, that we will forward them to the SVA website and or Founder Partners website using any links, telephone numbers or information from marketing materials as provided to us.  I/We will not take, retain, store or forward our customers personal data including contact details at any time in relation to the SVA or its Founder Partners.

By completing the SVA application and confirming your details in joining, you confirm you have read and accept these terms and conditions.  Any failure to adhere to them would result in the immediate removal of that member from the association lists.

*Your details will be retained the The Specialist Vehicle trade Association to allow us & our founder partners to reach out to you. We will keep you up to date, provide advice, updates from DVLA & more.

Your details will NEVER be provided to any other third party without your explicit approval.

See T&C’s and Privacy Statement for more details

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