Martyn Raybould

Martyn Raybould

MEET THE MOVERS AND SHAKERS of the Classic and Motorsport world is now live on Youtube!

The SVA is proud to introduce David Cooke as our first interviewee in what will become a long list of Important, Influential and Interesting people from the Classic and Collectible car world

The video can also be found by visiting Youtube and searching ‘David Cooke’ or ‘Specialist Vehicle Associates’..

David, ever the adventurist with pals is a regular visitor to Baha and the Sahara for off-road biking events

David has an interesting career in motorsport racing from an early age, however his career started in top end Rugby with some of the UK’s most watched rugby clubs. Moving on to joining the England team of 1983, working with Salon Prive and winning the Le-Mans Classic, all the while working as a successful property developer in London and the South of England..

David is also owner, of a valuable and rare Cegga Ferrari which is 1 of only 12 cars in ownership, valued at over £1Million the car and David will feature in the 2020 Goodwood Salvadori Cup event..

David’s very rare Cegga Ferrari in its 2020 Red livery..
A graphic image of the Cegga Ferrari prior to spraying. At this stage, the chrome and painted wing mirrors have yet to be added to the actual vehicle..
The 2/12 Cegga Ferrari now in its new clothes ready for a postponed 2020 season
David’s highly collectible Alpha-Romeo

To see the full 26 minute interview please go to: Meet David Cooke

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