Advanced Electric Machines

AEM deliver the most sustainable electric powertrain technologies in the world

Advanced Electric Machines are a first for the Specialist Vehicle Association as they are at the cutting edge of EV technology.

Our reason for making AEM not only a trade member, but an Official Founder Partner to the SVA is that ‘Sustainability’ is at the core of every classic and modern collectible car ever built. Even the earliest cars went on to be re-used and re-cycled for many years right up to this day, AEM understand and embrace that same sustainability.

The AEM Mission

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AEM will design and build the most sustainable electric motors on the planet, supplying them around the globe from our facilities in the UK. Fully electric, hybrid and electric conversions for existing ICE cars all factor into what we do, because AEM understands the importance of automotive manufacturing and works to embrace all aspects for a better and safer world.

The Vision

Electrification is key to addressing climate change only if the technologies developed are more sustainable to manufacture, use and recycle those they replace. Leading manufacturers such as VW-Bentley understand this and have worked closely with us to deliver our vision of the automotive future.

AEM will utilise our partnerships and expertise in materials, manufacturing and design, to ensure every product we develop delivers a more cost effective, higher performing and greener solution for all our target sectors.

Working with Bentley Motors on future projects

Our team are the future including apprenticeships

AEM understand planning for the long term by bringing on our future generation of technicians

As the academic year gets underway our COO Mike O’Neill is delighted to welcome our first apprentice George Cram part of the team above, to the business. George will be studying at Sunderland College and will be joined by Jonathan Cook one of our existing employees who this year is starting an HNC in engineering.

Our products

HDSRM: Specifically designed for Commercial Vehicle applications, HDSRM offers a direct ‘plug and play’ replacement for permanent magnet machines bringing many key benefits to your applications

SSRD: With integrated power electronics, our high performance SSRD motor is designed to deliver market-leading performance in a cost-effective, lightweight and robust design.

Compressed Coils are an important factor. Our patented compressed coil technology delivers up to 30% increase in motor power density. This enables us to replace the copper with recyclable aluminium windings, reducing cost, weight and minimising high speed losses.
Transmission: To complement our unrivaled electric motor designs, our world leading gear design engineers have created unique transmission components offering lower mass, improved efficiency and reduced acoustic noise.

Our role in underpinning the longevity of Classic and Collectible cars

British Firm Cracks Electric Car Motor Conundrum By Alan Tovey, The Telegraph, 28 March 2021

Original article:

A British company which has developed pioneering electric car motors that do not rely on expensive rare magnets is preparing to raise £250m as it seeks to expand. If your a business in the conversion of traditional ICE cars into Hybrid and full Electric vehicle, then get in touch with Advanced Electric Motors and see what they can do for your business.

SVA Trade members are encouraged to explore the fantastic opportunities as Classic car restorers, Engineering businesses and other workshops in this new and evolving sector. Go to: Email: Or telephone on 0191 447 7010



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