Apex Fabrication & Repair USA

Based in Naples, Florida. Apex Fabrication and Repair is a US based specialist in Welding and Fabrication. Also providing mechanical repairs and importantly, bespoke and innovative works based on the specific needs of the customer. It’s common for a business to provide a range of services to classic and collectible car and motorcycle owners, but not so common for a customer to be able to attend a garage and say ‘I have a problem and can’t seem to find anyone who can fix it’? That’s when the Apex team take a look, find a solution to the problem, outline that solution then quote the cost and delivery to the customer.

Owner-Operator Chris Bazzard-Jones says: ‘We undertake all mechanical repairs and anything outside of the box, that requires repairing’

Now with social media, a great way to see a companies skill and service is to check out the customer reviews, below are several to give future customers an in-site into the Apex team.

‘This is a small shop, only two full time workers, but they are deeply versed in engine repair, maintenance, and replacement. Whatever you need done, it couldn’t be in better hands here. They may seem pricey, but compared to all of the other shops on the island they really do cut you a deal’. Erik Olson

‘To get a little more personal; the workers have more patience than I could ever hope for. I’ve seen them deal with customers that would have made me go through the roof. I’m also deeply indebted to both of them for helping me work through many of my own mechanical issues. Great bunch of guys’. Eric Walton

‘Great service, the repair was done in under 90 minutes’. Christopher Koch