Apex Servicing & Fabrication: Serving Naples, Florida

Servicing and Fabrication in Naples Florida

Based in South West Florida in Naples, Apex is a small but highly experienced and capable ‘Engineers’ in the classic sense. Specialists at what they do, the small but expert team will approach both regular servicing but also tasks that need some level of ‘fabrication’ to deliver on the customers desired outcomes..

Apex can cater for Classic and Everyday cars, Muscle cars and Motorbikes

No mechanical repair is too large or small, covering a wide range of areas; Automotive, motorcycle, electrical, body repair and specialized training in small engines/power equipment. Apex is a traditional ‘Repair shop’ and we are happy to undertake the usual and often when needed the ‘Unusual’ for a vehicle. What makes Apex unique is our slogan “We fix anything” and our ability to solve out-side the box problems is our greatest strength.

Because order comes from expertise and diligent workmanship!

Apex workshops and staff work to strict deadlines and organisational practices every day, because expertise and experience has taught us that taking care of our tools and equipment allows us to better serve our customers. All Apex equipment are regularly calibrated to manufacturer standards to ensure true delivery..

For more details about Apex and if your visiting the area and find yourself needing an expert and welcoming hand, give us a call.. 001 (239)389-0200 Apex@Apexfr.com Or go to Apexfr.com



If visiting Naples Florida, SVA and US clients will be made welcome