Ascari Collection

The sports and highly collectible car dealer for buying or to sell your own car

A growing private collection of interesting sports and classics that are occasionally offered for sale to make space for new experiences. The car below is a case in point, from the Dutch manufacture Spyker, a highly rare and hand-built V8 Spyder C8 is a masterclass of supercar.

The term ‘Rare’ taken to a whole new level with the Spyker C8 Spider

The unusual, rare, outrageous and sometimes oddball cars stand out from the crowd. Sleepers, hot rods, drivers cars, and technically exceptional appeal to investors collectors and drivers alike. These are the vehicles you will encounter at Ascari.

The modern take on the legendary Mercedes SL Gullwing with this 6.3ltr twin turbo SLS

The collection is built from a childhood passion for the visually aesthetic, through a need for speed and investment opportunities has now become a business

Rare and popular classics:

The World famous Renault 5 has been the pinnacle of road cool and super fast rally capable since 1980. This car spawned the hot hatch phenomenon of that era
Maserati 4200 GT Coupe Sumptuous Grand Tourer with a V8 Ferrari engine

Do you have a car you would like us to sell as part of our collection?

If you would like us to appraise your vehicle with a view to sell on your behalf, please complete our form Please Sell My Car. After appraising your vehicle we can discuss the valuation and if agreeable together, we will display your car for sale. Full terms and conditions for the sale of the vehicle can be sourced from the Ascari Collection Website.

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Located 15 minutes from Manchester airport all viewings are strictly by appointment. If you would like more information or view any cars offered for sale in the collection pages, please complete the contact form on our website at Alternatively please call 07766 022502 or Email NOTE: The car collection changes regularly, please go to our website to see the latest list. Ascari Collection are based in Cheshire 5 minutes from M6 Junction 20



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