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The SVA is pleased to welcome ASI Recruitment as our official partner for recruitment. For companies and candidates seeking to fill a role or someone seeking their ideal job in the Classic and Modern Collectible car world. A small but highly specialised company that vets all companies for authentic vacancies and candidates for reported skills, experience and aspirations, this way they bring together the ideal candidates to the perfect job. SVA members also receive a beneficial rate for all fees, for more details contact Terry Lemmon our ASI liaison on 01603 621103 to find out more.

Whether you are seeking a hands on engineering job..

About ASI Recruitment

At ASI Recruitment we’re passionate about getting it right, for both our clients and our candidates.

We’re not your average recruitment agency because, unlike much of our competition, we’re not looking to make a quick buck or place you in a job we know is not suitable.

At ASI we take a long term view and are looking to develop relationships with our clients to ensure we are your first call when you need a new member of staff and with our candidates to make sure when a friend or colleague you know is looking for a new job asks if you know of anyone who can help you recommend us first. We can only do this by being the best at what we do.

Instead we take the time to get to know exactly what our clients are looking for and then search through our candidates to make sure we only put forward people with the skills that they need.

We offer exactly the same commitment to our candidates. We will spend the time making sure we know exactly what your skills and aspirations are, your salary hopes, and where you want to be based. That way we will only put you forward for jobs that we know you will want and that you’ll have a good chance of getting.

By offering this kind of bespoke service we can guarantee we won’t waste anyone’s time and that we’ll get the right match fast.

Or a Sales, Administration or Other role..

Our Client Charter

Male engineer examining vintage car in industry
Finding mature, experienced people with the relevant expertise is what we do.
Tailored Service

When you choose ASI Recruitment, you are choosing a specialist service tailor-made to you. We will spend time getting to know your company and its needs. That way we make sure we can fulfil your expectations and find your perfect employee.

Proactive approach to find the right candidate

We will make sure your vacancy is live on our website the same day. We’ll also make sure it’s on all of the best job sites to make sure we don’t miss out on the best candidates. On top of that, we’ll spend time searching our own database to find suitable candidates from our books. We’ll soon have a shortlist for interview ready.

Reduced Fees to SVA members

We’ll discuss fees during our initial consultation. But rest assured you will not pay until we’ve found you the right person for the job and they’ve started.Submit a Job listing

Our Candidate Charter

Support on a personal level when you need us..
Bespoke Service

We use our specialist knowledge of the automotive industry to make sure we find you the perfect job. So whether you are looking to move up the career ladder or for a relocation, we can you find you exactly what you want, where you want it. We’ll spend time with you getting to know your skills, experience and aspirations. That way we will only send you information about jobs you will genuinely be interested in and stand a chance to securing.

Support on a personal level

We will help you throughout the recruitment process. We’ll help to write your CV, arrange interviews to suit you, and make sure you are fully briefed beforehand. If you are successful, we will handle the salary negotiations and support you through handing in your notice to your current employer. We’ll also stay in touch for the first few months of your new role to make sure you’re settling in without problem.

Commitment to finding you the right job

We’ll keep your details on file until we find you the right job at no cost to you. It’s completely confidential so your current employer will have no idea that you are looking for a new opportunity. We have years of specialist experience in motor trade recruitment, so you can be confident you are in the best hands to help you find that perfect new role.Upload Your CV

Bringing Expertise and Experience to candidate and client

Here are some of the current automotive vacancies ASI are actively seeking to fulfill: Our current vacancies. We welcome all enquiries to explore exactly what your needs are as a company, but also to discuss the skills, experience or simple enthusiasm and commitment you are seeking from the ideal candidate. Importantly, if your someone with years of experience and expertise looking to move into a new challenging role, seeking a job that pays you what you know you are worth, or looking to get into the Automotive world from a different sector, but not sure if your skills are transferable? Get in touch, because that’s half our job in finding enthusiastic and exciting talent.

To get in touch with ASI Recruitment and enjoy the priority service and reduced rates for clients and candidates, please mention the Specialist Vehicle Association when speaking to ASI Recruitment. Or call 01603 621103