Aubrey Malden ‘Our man in South Africa’

Our journalist in South Africa

Aubrey Malden is our Man in South Africa. Why? Because the Classic and Collectible car market in South Africa is blisteringly hot! There are thousands of trades and enthusiasts in SA and we wanted to reach out to them at the SVA. Aubrey, with his usual perfect timing, provided us with the route to this vibrant classic car world.

Aubrey Malden at home

About Aubrey
Advertising and Marketing Strategist, Motivator and Author

Aubrey’s been a Member of The British Creative Forum, Chairman of the Marketing Society in the UK, advisor to the CBI Council and voted, in Britain, a Member of the Marketing Elite.

He also is honored by being published in the reference volume Debrett’s “Distinguished People of Today” and has won over 96 advertising and marketing awards. Noted as “One of the 12 Most Valuable Managers That Have Graduated” in the North American Ogilvy & Mather Senior Management Training Programme, a program that featured various Harvard Planning and Business Modules.

He’s also written for the various marketing press, lectured in a number of universities and countries and presented on Financial Times TV and a number of radio programmes. “Aubrey is a member of the Vintage and Veteran Car Club of South Africa, The Porsche 356 Club and the Model A Club of South Africa.” Also, “Automotive brands he has worked on during his advertising career include, Ford, Rolls Royce, Audi, VW, Toyota, Harley Davidson, Triumph and BSA and Formula One Grind Prix.”

More about Aubrey Malden

Classic cars are a family thing with the Maldens and wife ‘Ronnie’

Aubrey is a popular face at lots of events in South Africa and he and his partners at ‘Forensic Marketing’ reflects his experience in marketing and events.


Aubrey is currently a partner at The Forensic Marketing Company, where he helps clients, advertising agencies and media independents develop and write winning new business strategies, communications and advertising campaigns and run a series of best practice marketing and advertising workshops.

Heritage day where the great and the good bring their favourite bikes and cars

Bikes and Cars are all welcome at events in SA

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