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Premium detailing, detailing services including paint correction, specialist coatings and paint protection films

About Auto Curators

Auto Curators offer the finest indulgence in car care. We provide professional vehicle detailing and paint protection services. We are experts in paint defect correction, such as swirl marks and scratches, finish restoration, and offer a wide range of products and services to enhance and protect the appearance of your prized asset. You don’t need to own an Aston Martin to enjoy our services; you simply need a vehicle you love. While curators are known as caretakers of fine things and valuable assets, we are also caretakers of cherished items.

The Founders of Auto Curators are some of the leading automotive individuals
  • Sir Jackie Stewart, OBE. Three times British World F1 champion, founder of Stewart Grand Prix, and hugely successful businessman. Aside from his amazing achievements at the pinnacle of motorsport, Sir Jackie has capitalised on his worldwide network to work with numerous prestigious, globally recognised brands such as Rolex and Moet & Chandon.
  • Paul Stewart. A successful racing driver, Paul raced for his own team, Paul Stewart Racing, before concentrating on management. He guided his F3 team to multiple championship wins before going on to run Stewart Grand Prix with his father, campaigning in Formula 1 until Jaguar purchased the team.
  • Mayank Patel, Founder, Chairman and CEO of the Azibo Group, Mayank has achieved success on five continents in financial services, having sold his company Currencies Direct to Palamon Capital Partners and Corsair Capital for over £200 million, in late 2015. A member of the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO), Mayank has won awards to include Entrepreneur of the Year, and his services to entrepreneurialism and mentoring earned him his OBE at the 2011 Queen’s Birthday Honours.
  • Andrew Bailey. Founder of the Bailey Group, an active investor and founder of ABRS Smart Recruitment Search (now Tec-Partners), concentrating on Future Media and Technology. Andrew is a YPO board member and mentor to several up and coming entrepreneurs. Many years of experience dealing with fast-moving, competitive environments has given him an enviable talent for assessing an exciting opportunity and planning the best strategy to move forward.

The input from these four individuals is invaluable. Sir Jackie, and Paul Stewart, as brand ambassadors, are very selective in the brands to which they align themselves with. Andrew Bailey and Mayank Patel have both built successful businesses from scratch, and are ideally suited to help Auto Curators realise its full potential within a customer service driven industry.

Founder Paul and son are both ‘Petrol Heads’ and like nothing more than getting out and about in all range of vehicles

The founder of Auto Curators, Paul Townsend, has worked within the vehicle detailing industry for almost two decades. He built his first venture, Shine On Auto Detailing, from the ground up, in a fledgeling industry. As his reputation for quality spread, the business blossomed. And in early 2015 it was ready to expand, and Auto Curators Ltd was born. With a reputation for the finer details (pun intended), the business has continued to thrive. Paul has travelled extensively within Europe to perform his craft on all types of vehicles (including the occasional boat or plane). He has worked on some of the finest vehicles ever produced. Yet, he remains grounded with a portfolio of cars and clients that is as varied as it is impressive. Quite simply, if you love your car, Paul will love it too!

A life long petrol head, Paul’s love of detailing started many years before he could drive a car. Inherited from generations of engineers and craftsmen, an ability to focus on the little things that make a big difference was inevitable. As well as a love for cars, Paul has also had a history of dabbling with motorbikes and even did some motor racing in 2017. His fascination with vehicles is a trait he’s now beginning to share with his young son.

The expertise of staff is evident in the level of detail in the work to customers vehicles

Experts in detailing Auto Curators are regularly featured

Ride magazine article
Trade and Media call on Paul and the team to provide expert advice

Featured on TV’s Fifth Gear
Auto Curators Essential Wash Pack
Auto Curators manufacturer their own range of cleaning products

Looking for a great gift for someone? Our Essentials Wash Pack contains a selection of our products that are perfect for anyone who enjoys looking after their car. The pack contains:

  • Body Cleanse Shampoo. Highly concentrated (1 litre bottle will give 100 washes, using the pump head supplied). pH neutral so won’t harm any delicate surfaces or wax products already on the vehicle. The advanced surfactants will easily cut through dirt and grime, then once rinsed, leave a beautiful streak free finish.
  • Flawless Wheel Cleanser. Devastatingly effective at removing baked on dirt from your wheels. pH neutral and safe for all wheel finishes (including chrome, matt paint and split rims), just follow the instructions on the bottle. Works to actively remove the metallic fallout from brakes that otherwise cause pitting and staining on wheels.
  • Rapid Cleanse Quick Detailer. Useful for lots of jobs; keep it in the car in case of emergency dirt removal (bird droppings, for example), use it as a drying aid, spray a light mist on the panel before drying with a microfibre towel to smooth it’s progress and help prevent water spots. Safe to use on all exterior surfaces, including glass and unpainted trim. As highly reviewed in Auto Express, October 2017, and winner of an Auto Express Recommended award for 2019.
  • Tyre & Trim Shield is an easy to apply, durable dressing that will leave a rich, natural looking finish to your tyres and unpainted trim. Apply sparingly to a clean, dry surface using a sponge applicator pad or cloth, and leave to dry completely.

Price if bought separately, £59.96 offer price to SVA members £49.00*


The Auto Curators head office is based in north Hampshire. We have a branch in east London, serving Greater London, Essex and Kent. We also offer bespoke services via our nationwide mobile service.



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