Bawns Ltd: Classic & Specialist Car appraisal and assessment service

For all pre purchase reporting, valuations, legal and insurance based inspections

Welcome to Bawns..

Bawns is a small and highly experienced company with over 42 years of working in the Specialist Car sector, we provide UK based as well as International independent appraisal reports on classic and specialist high-end collector vehicles. Bawns is available 7 days a week to deliver its services and detailed reports are provided to customers within 24 hours, with a single touchpoint for buyers, enthusiasts, sellers, intermediary service providers, and insurers who want or need consultancy and advice on a range of aspects relating to collectible cars. Video of our appraisal process

The complete expert and affordable service for Owners, Collectors & Enthusiasts

1: All types of inspections that might be needed during a partial or full refurbishment of a Classic or Collectible car. These can be particularly important for owners who are not overly knowledgable about the engineering and technical aspects of a vehicle. Bawns will by agreement undertake regular inspections to provide private reporting on the quality work undertaken, to ensure only work that is needed is completed and charged for and that the final sign off prior to payment is properly and fully completed.

Body and structure inspections:

*Interior inspections 

*Electrical & mechanical 

*Road test 


*Background checks  

*ID checks 

*HD photo’s 

*Walk around video 

*Trim inspection 

The costs of appraisal and reports can be very affordable for both rare but general classic cars

2: Pre-purchase inspections are an important aspect of any considered purchase, in particular, if the vehicle is for ‘Investment’ purposes in the longer term. Buying at the right price and from a quality dealer already provides this comfort but purchasing from private owners can be fraught with risks that might impact on the overall value and future investment worth. Bawns also provides appraisal services, both nationally and internationally, whether you are an international buyer looking to purchase from the UK or UK  buyer looking to purchase from overseas. 

3: Advice on re-financing and asset-value leveraging. If you as an owner need advice on the overall values that can be realised from a car or collection, Bawns will attend and provide a detailed view and report for you to make an informed decision and influence a lender to provide the maximum funding available.

3: For insurance and claims, probate and more, Bawns can provide a forensic and repair report to set out repair or refurbishment needs and to also aid with insurance company and legal proceedings negotiations.  Bawns provides a number of appraisal services for the legal sector with reports submitted within 24 hours of initial inspection.

To speak to a member of the Bawns team go to or call the SVA liaison at Bawns in Darren Gilling on 07895 636045

SVA Says: Investment Collecting is an increasingly common activity but with the obvious shortcomings. A lack of expert knowledge about some vehicles will be an important risk best avoided Buying to invest in cars is about buying the right manufacturer, model and importantly at the right price. Professional appraisal services are important in this matter to help offset those risks. Also, when dealing in insurance claims that are being argued by an assessor or in legal matters, expert advice and reporting can aid in the outcomes..



SVA members receive a special member rate for all appraisal services