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We deliver extraordinary, and by extraordinary we mean the outstanding, the exceptional – the event that you remember and the one you talk about in years to come. We don’t take all the credit for that, it’s in our team and the people that we work with. And it’s in you, we listen carefully when you first sit down with us to tell us what you want.

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Our team of extraordinary people all working toward delivery of your event

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So why not get on board with your idea no matter how lofty or whacky and together we can make it happen. We don’t do the hard sell but we do love to talk ideas, so we’d really like to hear from you – whatever stage of the process you’re at.

The Rickshaw Challenge has become a Nationally embraced event

The Daring do

We design and produce live experiences in partnership with our clients. We’ll never tell you how to do it – we make it happen the way you want it to, by applying the many years of experience of event delivery and with an attention to detail across the board.

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From the minute you contact us, we start a process of researching what you are planning, how you want it to flow and what and how do we fulfill that mission. A Key part of that strategy is your planned budget and how we can deliver it within budget. To explore your event needs is easy, Email Us using our portal or call us in real-time to speak to a member of the team on +44(0) 7946 559084.

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