Bevel Gears India: Manufacturers and reverse engineering of automotive Transmissions

Automotive transmission gearing from stock and reverse engineered

based in Bangalore India, Bevel Gears (India) Ltd. has been in the field of designing and manufacturing bevel gears and bevel gearboxes for over 40 years. With a full range of Gleason gear equipment covering cutting, testing, lapping and bevel gear grinding, gears are manufactured to DIN or AGMA standards. We are also equipped with Klingelnberg bevel gear cutting and HPGS (Hard cutting) making us one of the few companies to offer both Gleason and Klingelnberg bevel gear systems.

Our purpose built offices and workshops

Members of the SVA and Customers generally are invited to leverage our capabilities and decades of experience to develop the gearing solutions they need for their vehicles and other demanding applications.

The ability to reverse engineer a solution for customers is something we specialise in..

Many facilities will manufacture to your specifications, but how many help you reverse engineer without a drawing and only a damaged gear set available?

Need a part conversion from Klingelnberg to Gleason or vice versa? Need a gear ratio change so the new sets fit in the same size envelope and mounting distance?

Our skilled personnel can help you reverse engineer your parts. We also offer design reviews, suggestions to improve gear strength and prototyping services. We can help you design your set, build prototypes and you can do the production volume manufacturing!

Reverse Engineer your Gears to know more about our Design & Reverse Engineering Solutions.

Stock Gears

Bevel Gears India offers over 100 different ratios of bevel stock gears. Please contact us for our stock gear catalogue.

Classic and Modern Performance Cars and specialist built vehicles

As an Enthusiast or a Restoration company finding very specific and often rare parts for engines on sports cars can be difficult, the ability to call on a company to ‘reverse engineer’ something can save a lot of time, paid and cost..

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Private Client service for SVA trade and enthusiast members