Chesiwe Automotive:

Repairs and Restoration for Classic and Modern cars in South Africa

Chesiwe Automotive is based in the Bloemfontein region of South Africa

Our high street premises enjoy dedicated and fully tooled workshops

Given their rural location situated in the Central region of South Africa, the Chesiwe Automotive team operate a business catering for both Modern, Modern Collectible, and Classic cars.

Our Services include:

  • Full frame respray and restoration
  • Towing, damage repairs and bodywork
  • Engine and Vehicle servicing, maintenance and modification
  • Tuning and Detailing
Modern car and Modern Collectible car maintenance

Our expertise is in the step by step process

We take your car and ensure the bodywork paneling is perfectly aligned and in order
Once completed, a full base layer body coat is applied
The completed car, fully restored will add-maintain value and enjoyment for the owner

Engine, Running gear and cockpit

Completing the remaining vehicle componants

Once we have a fully restored body, the interior, engine and running gear is re-installed and prepared ready for the vehicles detailing and finish.

Chesiwe is available to discuss your own vehicle needs or if you are a visitor to South Africa, touring or on a road trip and need support, assistance or advice get in touch at Tel: 07303 38470 or Email: You can also reach us via our Facebook page on: Chesiwe Group.



Members visiting or residing in South Africa welcome