Taiwan’s leading Mercedes Benz classic and collectible car dealer

Taiwan’s leading Mercedes Benz Classic & Collectible car retailer
Founder Heng-Chi had a passion of an enthusiast but the spirit of being an entrepreneur

Classic-Benz of Taipai, Taiwan is pleased to be a member of the Specialist Vehicle Trade Association International section.

I Recall that in the early days of my business, I chose the classic car market to operate within. The biggest reason is not only my love of cars, but also the deep feeling that Taiwan’s car culture and values ​​still have room for development.

Our early day vehicles can still be sourced and purchased

Cars are more than just transportation for all consumers. Cars are a high-density integrated industry. From downstream industries such as industrial design and technology to spare parts supply, they are indispensable for our local consumption in Taiwan. For the sake of buying a new car, it is a big deal. We will pay great attention to the information on the new car market and the comparison of the car types. Of course, we also have the most important equipment and price of our Taiwanese consumers. As for the ability to buy or should buy one. The type of car is the second problem. Interestingly, when we want to buy a used car, we pay attention to the fact that in addition to the car there is no accident or soaking water, we pay attention to the price of the car, and provenance.

The mighty Mercedes SEC Coupe is still a World beater

And what about those of us who love classic old cars? When we want to buy a classic antique car, we can only go to the auction site to see it. When we are on the rise, we will call and ask. When we look at the car, what we think is the price of the car. As for the history and product information of the classic antique car you are looking at, you can only search for it on the Internet. If you are lucky, we can get some fur information from the discussion forum of the relevant models first; however, after the car officially starts to go home, the troublesome things really start: Where do the parts go? Where is the car going to repair? What if I need a big sort of finishing? The most pitiful thing is that if you want to sell it, you will lose a lot of money, etc… It is a chilling thing.

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Above the situation I mentioned, I believe that friends who like classic antique cars should be able to feel the same. The most important part of this website revision is the product information and test report of each classic model. Of course, it also includes the history introduction and purchasing skills of each model. The other part is the addition of the life style unit. In this unit, we will combine the antique car and the classic elements with our lifestyle style from time to time, hoping to present a more beautiful picture and a wider range of people. Car life experience. When it comes to people and cars, we can’t help but introduce the story of classic car owners. Every car has a story, and there is definitely a moving and memorable moving story behind a classic old car. I hope that behind the cold machinery, through the introduction of the story of people and cars, let us more deeply understand the car owner’s intentions for his car.

If we want to improve Taiwan’s classic antique car culture, the provision of professional information and the pace of international exchange should be accelerated. In the era when the Internet is developed, we should take more steps to drive your car out of the garage, and The players at home and abroad communicate with each other, the world is flat, and the information circulation is fast, but the improvement of the automobile culture level is achieved by everyone’s efforts; the classic is permanent, irreplaceable, and the classic power is It is a far-fetched, Hengchi network needs your support, but also everyone’s participation, do not let the good things end.

At Classic-Benz Taipai we take our care of the vehicles and our customers.

Every day our showroom vehicles are cleaned and maintained to the highest standards as the most discerning customers would expect

Classic generation  Mercedes-Benz Classic Generations

“Classic Generation” is a database that is very comprehensive for all classic Brunswick models. We have divided these models into three generations: Young timer, Old timer and Vintage.

You can easily find the details of any car models, including: original code, production year, number of cylinders, cylinder diameter x stroke, etc., and then we will show it through our integration, I believe you will be able to see at a glance!

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