The UK’s only Classic & Modern Collectible Car trade to trade platform

The UK’s only Trade to Trade platform

Welcome to Classic Trade Ltd. Classic Trade is new, unique and going live over the next few weeks. They are the only online platform dedicated to the wholesale of Classic and Performance Vehicles – providing dealers with convenience and choice like never before.  It’s a whole new World following Corononavirus, and the ability for Dealers to be active and the business moving will be key to recapturing the momentum of the previous years. Signing up to use Classic Trade can help your business to recapture momentum and sell more vehicles:

Vintage, Veteran and Classic cars

Our core business activity benefits:

  • Strictly Trader to Trader only
  • Buy or Sell vehicles as and when you need to
  • Rotate stock periodically increasingly overall turnover
  • Source-specific cars on-demand with no buyers fee to pay
  • Keep fluid at times when cash flow is needed
  • Be confident in an experienced and like-minded team that understands the Classic and Modern Collectible-Performance sector
  • Leverage our unique and affordable platform when you need to 24-7

More about Classic Trade

Classic Trade is a unique trade-only platform offering Classic, Modern Collectible & Performance cars from professional, like-minded dealers – by eliminating the expense, risk and logistical complications associated with selling at a physical auction, we offer a wide range of vehicles you may otherwise never get the opportunity to purchase, with no trawling the web to locate specific cars  

Rare and Expensive cars made available without having to stock them

All listings have comprehensive descriptions, images, and detailed maintenance records, plus you can ask questions before committing to the purchase. We also display the distance to the location of the vehicle, so you can factor in collection costs. If necessary, we are happy to recommend a range of transportation companies from small single-car trailers to large car transporters, all fully insured. So whatever your needs we have it covered

Modern and performance higher value cars

All registered users of Classic Trade are vetted and meet strict Trader and company history criteria, ensuring you can buy and sell stock, with ease and complete confidence

Rare mid-value classic cars

Find out more or to Register an interest: And be ready to take the hassle out of buying and selling trade stock, please go to call Robert Wittridge CEO on 07538 769421 or email:

SVA Says: Coronavirus has done serious damage to the Classic Car World as it has to the rest of the UK and World business, and much of the successes of the last several years may now have been undone. So the launch of a new, reliable, expert and innovative business that supports dealers exclusively is a welcome development for 2020, the SVA wholeheartedly recommends that all traders both SVA members and others explore this new platform and see how it can benefit your business.. It may be something you use rarely or regularly to rotate stock, either way, there will never in our view be a better time to see what they can do to help get business back on its feet as fast as is possible.. Martyn Raybould MD



SVA Trader and Retail members welcome