Complete Chrome Restoration

For complete Chroming services for Classic and Collectible cars

The quality of chrome dipping or plating is critical. If you use a low-quality chrome plating, the porosity or pinholes in the finished piece are worse than if no plating was used at all because the underlying steel will rust. We really know our stuff and are pleased to be a member of the Specialist Vehicle Trade Association

Quality Chrome lasts for decades!

But, poor-quality chrome plating that shows tiny rust spots is the definition of defect and will tarnish and rust much faster. Complete Chrome Restoration specialises in high quality triple plate chrome that begins with copper, then nickel and finally, Trivalent chrome.

Trivalent chromium has a stronger resistance to corrosion and when coupled with our painstaking process, the overall finish and quality is unbeatable and more environmental friendly. We have invested in a purpose-built Trivalent chroming facility providing electroplating and metal restoration services throughout the United Kingdom.

For the perfect finish for the one off part or complete projects

CCR offer a chroming, chrome plating, re-chroming and electroplating service for just about anything made of metal. In particular for the renovating and restoring classic and vintage motorcycle parts, cars parts, bikes parts, boat parts, and more.

Our process includes 9 processes plus polishing for the best results!

The process is highly controlled step by step to a long lasting shine

At Complete Chrome Restoration, our surface preparation is completed to the highest industry standards to ensure subsequent electroplating  stands the test of time. Then once all process have been completed and cleaned, our team polish the part to the highest sheen possible to complete the task to the highest standards

Whether you are looking for batch work to a high and consistent standard or a specialist one-off item for a restoration project, we are happy to advise you at any time. Regular requests will allow us to create an account for even faster service and response.

We are passionate about restoring metal parts! Not only do we do it for our valued customers we do it for our own collection of classic cars – Only the best will do!

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