CyberBITS: IT Solutions and Expert advice for business..

Providing business small and large with IT security, working solutions and more onsite and remotely

At CyberBITS, we believe that all businesses need protection from everyday IT Challenges.  With over 15 years experience working for large businesses I have seen a lot of challenges.  CyberBITS was actually born from one of those companies looking after the IT of a local small business.  It became apparent during my time working with this client that there is very little IT Support out there for small businesses.  A lot of IT Companies are looking for 50 plus users, they don’t want to waste their time on small outfits as they don’t see much profit in them.

This is where CyberBITS is different.  We don’t care if you are a small team or a big team.  You face the same challenges that everyone else faces.  Software coming to the end of its life, waiting for the next cyberattack to hit, which solution is right for me?  We have teamed up with some great partners and we are able to provide solutions to problems you may never knew existed.  The IT landscape is constantly changing and never comes with an easy to read manual.  Take the headache away and let us explain the options to you in plain English so you can make an informed choice.

Our Method is to; Document your network fully to understand how everything hangs together.

Understanding your business and its present needs is vital to providing customers with the suitably tailored solution.. We need to understand not only where your business is but where it needs to be and what outcomes are you seeking in the longer term..

Improve things from the outset!

Following our documentation exercise we may suggest simple changes to help improve security or performance. And we will always work within your budget or explain why we think further investment might be appropriate, so that you always remain in control..


Once you know exactly what your business needs or can benefit from, our remote management and monitoring tools are securely installed in your network and we begin to aid your business manage your environment.

If you would like to find out more simply get in touch by going to or call 01543 3241101 and speak to the SVA liaison Robert Shaw Virtual IT Director. Please mention you are an SVA member as we are a business partner and as such are happy to provide 50% discount on the initial 3 months of our 12 month contractual fees..



SVA members enjoy 50% off 1st year fees