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Our team of top car-shooters live the car culture. Each member either drives, collects, restores or races themselves. Because Audiences do not want to be talked at anymore, they want to be talked to – by people they can relate to and identify with. With that in-depth and authentic involvement within the Classic and Modern Collectible car sectors we are able to provide exactly what our clients and their customers need.

We believe: You are best at what you love.

We love filmmaking. We love cars. We love authenticity.

That is why we make films that audiences want to see. Truthful communication is crucial for brands and networks alike. And we can provide them with more efficient and effective ways to engage with targeted audiences through authentic video content.

Fine cars in the perfect environment make an excellent and emotive message

DF – The Enthusiasts – Specialists

The DF Media Team has a single vision: Bring to life the aesthetic and functional brilliance of automobiles as multidimensional art forms, while communicating the emotions that go hand in hand with the experience. We tell stories about people and their cars that arouse, entertain, and sell. Stories that the aficionado knows are true and that convert the dispassionate into the passionate.

Our track record, and the fact that we are deeply embedded in the car-culture, enables DF to deliver prime time-quality exposure, produced at a competitive price. The adhesive that holds our team together and connects us with our audience is our shared deep passion for cars. A global team, all proven professionals—experts, experienced, and passionate about cars. Each member works at the same emotional pitch. We know our job. …Because we know cars and car culture as few do.

Perfect imagery comes from patience, expertise and an understanding of the location

DF Media directors and cinematographers are also expert still photographers. Please inquire with us for photography projects of any size. Whether you would like to capture your own car or car collection from the best angle in the best light, or whether you need to cover a major international motor sport event from the air. DF Media is your partner.

Available light, time of day, motion are all factors in taking images like this at speed

Our Client-Broadcasters list means you are in great company

Video is the new ‘Must have’ for search engines, so DF Media have created some game changing authentic SEO supporting video

Campaign Name: Bruce Springsteen / Super Bowl
Director Of Photography: Joe DeSalvo
Length: 2:09 Min.
*Comments: not produced by DF Media

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Executive Producer
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Executive Producer
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