Dragonfly Rally

Rally plaques, event signs and branded promotional wares

Dragonfly Rally is a dedicated provider of Rally and Event essentials, providing a wide range of vehicle related products such as Rally Plates, Stickers, Badges and much more.

“We are extremely proud to have been chosen by some of the sectors leading players for their rally and event essentials, including Hero Events, Rally the Globe, Hurlingham Club as well as many more prestigious car clubs and now Specialist Vehicle Association.”

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Our Offerings

Dragonfly are dedicated to supplying their customers with bespoke Rally Plates, Metal Plaques, Badges, Stickers and Promotional Products for over 30 years – you’ll find a huge range of customisable products available on their website. However, if you cant find what you’re looking for, their knowledgeable experts will be able to guide you to the right product or fulfil any bespoke requirement you may have.

To get in touch go to Dragonfly Rally

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Not only do Dragonfly boast a huge range of desirable products, but their website also offers a wealth of knowledge within their resources section including a handy destinations map where you’ll find a detailed map of our recommended destinations, best places to visit, venues and major events. As well as event resources ranging from photographers to auction houses.

Visit our resources pages here Dragonfly Resources

The Essential Must Have – Branded and Unbranded Face Masks

Quality branded face masks in a range of colours – available in both high and low volume quantities. Along with being stylish, these breathable masks come with all the best features needed to ensure a comfortable, secure fit for everyone. To find out more go to Dragonfly face masks

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Quality safety masks with or without branding

Find out more or get in touch

For more information on their product range visit the website Dragonfly Rally .

To speak to their knowledgeable sales team, email sales@dragonflyrally.co.uk or call 0800 783 8634

SVA Says: We are regularly in contact with clubs and businesses that need specialist signs and plaques for events and more, and then came Covid-19 and the need for quality face masks etc. We are pleased to have used dragonfly ourselves for the masks we have here, and with the added ability to brand them, they make a great way of promoting your company when face to face with customers..



Please ask for our special rates for SVA trade members