Engine Notes Digital Auctions

The New online digital auction house

Engine Notes Digital Auctions is a new and innovative online auction platform, with 3 bespoke packages to choose from.

Engine Notes is delighted to provide a new and innovative digital auction platform to the Trade and SVA member Dealers, Retailers, Workshops and Restorers.  100% of the hammer price is paid, submitting a vehicle is easy, and transaction costs are the lowest in the industry with bespoke terms available for the trade.

Our website and auction listings are in the final development and we are accepting consignments now! To help our clients get the best results and find out more, go to our Frequently Asked Questions page or call us in real time on 01825 598559

Rallye Des Princesses route authorised vehicle makes and models

Engine Notes have 3 bespoke packages to choose from to perfectly meet your needs:


Our standard package delivers the best service in online collector car auctions. Your dedicated Client Services and our Marketing Specialists will guide you through the process of consigning your finest sports and racing cars, modern collectables, classics, and automobilia. We document, list, generate interest in, and manage your sale until your buyer takes delivery of their purchase. This is the standard:

Receive 100% of the hammer price.

List your vehicle for free.

Curated 7-Day Auctions: we only manage the sale of the best vehicles, and we research and document each car’s history to prove that.

A dedicated Client Service Manager will showcase your vehicle with a specialist’s eye guiding you through the steps of your sale. We know the market and promote each auction lot to the right audience across social media, specialist websites, media, and our existing members.

Buyers are pre-qualified* and have secured/purchased your vehicle at the end of the auction.

Our no surprises policy; we fully research and document your vehicle’s history, with your assistance to help all buyers make informed decisions about their purchases.


The benchmark service in the online collector car market. For vehicles that embody style, performance, historical significance, rarity, or competition history, with scrupulous attention to detail we will manage the sale of your vehicle from your first call to the handover:

Our benchmark managed service delivers 100% of the hammer price.

List your vehicle for free.

Dedicated marketing and press relations specialists. Rivaling traditional auction houses, arguably the best team in the business will work to promote your vehicle/collection to a carefully cultivated network of contacts, and specialist media, and we regularly organise innovative events/viewings and press coverage to give physical access to vehicles.

Dynamic Viewing allows bidders all over the world to participate first-hand in your auction, or vehicle inspections, usually for lots >£100,000 in value, or rare and unique vehicles.

Curated auctions: we only manage the sale of the best vehicles, and we research and document each car’s history to prove that.

Professional photography/videography will capture your car with an artist’s eye.

Buyers are pre-qualified* and secured/purchased your vehicle at the end of the auction.


The very best cars are bought and sold by word of mouth. We understand some clients like to keep their transactions quiet and not disclose the hammer to protect the future value of their investments.

If you prefer discretion, particularly if your collector car is quite rare or valuable, we offer a more private service, with full price control, reassuring you that you will have the final say on what offer to accept.

Names of buyers and sellers are always kept confidential.

Our team maintains the privacy of our clients while striving to find suitable buyers for their cherished motor cars.

Total price control, reassuring clients that they will have the final say on what offer to accept.

Fees are significantly lower than the industry average.

Our global contacts range from high-profile names in the car-collecting community to up-and-coming enthusiasts building world-class collections for tomorrow, just like traditional auction houses but for a fraction of their extortionate costs.

Secure, insured transport and storage.



Join our ‘Collector’ network

A one-of-a-kind community for lovers of the engineering arts. A close-knit group where new relationships and lasting connections are built amongst strangers, you feel like you have known your whole life. Engine Notes has an extensive partner network which allows us to operate luxury tours throughout the UK, Europe, and the United States.

Every chateaux, hotels and restaurants, coffee shop, cake shop that’s a part of the tour has been visited, and only if it meets stringent standards will it be included. 

Additionally, its usually your tour manager that made that inspection the benefit being they know the business owners and the management personally so should their be any issues they are quickly resolved. 

Enjoy unlimited experiences

Enjoy unique experiences in the UK and abroad

Unique events, in beautiful locations, with culinary skills designed to please aways on hand, surrounded by thrilling roads, world-wide.

Access Limited availability events and access to machines

Royal Artillery Concourse London

If you understand the joy in the machine, we invite you to come and hang-out with us. For a limited time, we’re accepting new members.

To find out more about Engine Notes go to FIND OUT MORE or call us to speak to a member of our team on 01825 598590 or email us on Contactus@enginenotes.com



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