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Rent or sell your garage safely and securely

The new and innovative way to rent a garage or storage point for your classic or modern collectible car, parts or to store whatever you need.

If you have a larger than average Classic car, give us the specification to find you the perfect garage to store your cherished car

Looking for a garage or store?

Saville Row estates Ltd came about because of my own experience of owning more than one car and finding my drive wasn’t big enough for all three. One of those cars is a collectible MR2 Turbo needing a clean, dry and safe place to be stored. Having rented a local neighbors garage for a year, I needed something permanent and affordable so decided to buy a group of garages in Birmingham.

Being well maintained, clean and secure, they were rented out quickly so now Saville Row Estates can work on your behalf too. Get in touch with us at Saville Row Estates and tell us your exact needs. We may already have what you want but if not, will search your area to find a rental for you, then you can relax because once you pay your monthly or annual rent we take care of the rest.

Need daily parking! If your a daily commuter and need somewhere safe and local to park for the office, let us find you a garage!

Do you have a garage you would like to rent out or to sell?

The other side to the coin of garage rental is having a garage you own and want to make an income from? We take care of everything for you, and either buy your garage or pay you an agreed fee each month if you rent it to us, it’s is an excellent way to earn money. And we vet renters and ensure the safe use of your garage.

Rent your garage for a period or daily parking?

1: We agree a rental package with you to rent your garage for someone to use ongoing or as their daily parking place. This daily parking is really popular in the inner city or London zones, as the daily storage can be based on a start time and and time for 1 to 7 days

2: We find you the renter and vet them for your comfort and agree a rental package based on your property and their needs. It’s a simple as that.

What if the renter stops paying or we need the garage back?

No problem, first of all we will chase the renter and if unsuccessful with remove any renter under our terms and conditions who stops paying the monthly rent, then if they dont pay any outstanding rent we reserve the right to empty the garage and leave it clean and safe for you again

To get in touch with us to explore more call me Ghie Berry MD on 07811 201056 or email:



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