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Ford Y & C model register is the go to club for all enthusiasts of this now rare and interesting car. Their website at is the place to go and immerse yourself as an enthusiast.

The Specialist Vehicle Association is all about driving the classic car world, and our world survives and thrives because of clubs like this. If you would like to know more about this brilliant but little known about car, we recommend getting in touch.

The friendly club is a great place to gather with others sharing your interests

The Ford Model Y & C Register is a club that covers just the Model-Y and Model-C pre-war cars and derivatives built between 1932 and 1939. To see what the cars look like, please view the slideshow on this page showing cars owned by club members that attended our annual Old Ford Rally in 2015. 

For more on the cars – see Model Identification  Page

The club has also published a book about the cars – for details, please see Model Y & C Book Page

If you are looking to buy or sell a car or parts – see the About Cars page.

More about the Ford Y and C Model club

The FORD ‘Y’&’C’ Model Register was formed in 1979 to ensure the survival of the first small European Fords; the 8 HP Model ‘Y’ (including its German variant, the Köln) manufactured between August 1932 and August 1937, the 10 HP Deluxe Models ‘C’ and ‘CX’ manufactured between September 1934 and March 1937, and the German Model ‘C’ variant, the Eifel, manufactured between February 1935 and May 1939.

The Model ‘Y’ Ford was an instant success, but like any new car it was modified and improved during its lifetime. For the first 14 months the original model with a short radiator grille was produced, this is known as the ‘short rad’. After this in October 1933 the ‘long rad’ Model, with its longer radiator grille and front bumper with the characteristic dip was produced. By gradually improving production efficiency and by simplifying the body design the cost of a Model ‘Y’ was reduced to £100, making it the cheapest true 4 seater saloon ever. Both 4 door (Fordor) and 2 door (Tudor) saloons were produced and these could be had either with a fixed roof, or the slightly more expensive sliding ‘sun’ roof. 

About 19,000 Model ‘C’s and 50,000 ‘CX’s were produced of which about 160 have survived. As stated earlier, the Ford ‘Y’ and ‘C’ register aims to promote the continued existence and maintain a register of surviving vehicles and provides a spares service, of original and remanufactured spares, a bi-monthly magazine, technical advice and friendly gatherings for its members, with the emphasis very much on using and driving these little old Fords. 

SVA Says: Joining a car club is without doubt the best way to share your interests and spend time with like minded enthusaists. However, Ford Y and C Model register is much more than just a simple club. Their website is great to find out about the models, what to look for and where to buy your own car, where regular meetings are held as well as national events. To find spares and so much more to maximise your enjoyment. If you would like to know more or to join the club, go to



Ford Y and C is pleased to welcome SVA members