GetPatina is the parent company of the UK’s largest online auction site

Patina is bought to you by Joslyn Ltd. Privately held, we are based near Oxford in the UK. We have a talented team who are not only passionate about classic cars and motorcycles, but also technology and the crossovers that exist between the two. Contact us here.

Managing Director Tim Joslyn Founder of

The core Patina platform was launched in 2013 with the aim of helping people to better preserve the history of their vehicles so that it can be passed on for generations to come. This history and provenance is vital to their value but today people keep it in what is an antiquated format, bits of paper. Our platform ensures that not only can we capture those existing records, but we can use technology to enhance the type of information and media that can be used to help tell the car’s story, holding it in a format that can never get lost or damaged.

In 2016 we launched ‘The Market’ ( which helps people to buy and sell their classic vehicles through innovative curated auctions, as well as our price trends tool allowing the value of any car or make to be tracked over time.

The unique online auction house to look at vehicles, view the history, images and full documentation, ready to buy or sell online. All completed digitally where desired

When it comes to the technology that is behind Patina we used all of our team’s experience in building and designing mission critical systems in industries such as financial services, banking and payments to make sure that we provide the necessary levels of security and reliability. Everything is encrypted, all data is replicated to multiple locations and the service is designed to be resilient with no single point of failure. At Patina we treat you and your vehicle’s data with the upmost importance. So, if you would like to know more about either or click on the link to either site and join the many thousands across the UK using us..


Benefits is a digital reference library for your vehicles entire document and visual life, stored in your own account. is the UK’s leading online auction site to buy and sell vehicles digitally from your home or office