Hagerty Insurance

Official Insurance Partner to the SVA for Owners, Collectors & Enthusiasts of Classic Cars

SVA Managing Director Says: We are extremely pleased to have Hagerty as our new Insurance partner and we wholeheartedly recommend them to our subscribed Owners, Collectors & Enthusiasts. ‘Agreed value’ is one of the most important benefits owners want, and while many others charge a substantial fee for this, Hagerty provide it freely, that’s why we exclusively choose Hagerty for all vehicles and collections under £200,000.

OUR STORY Hagerty’s roots date back to 1984 when Frank and Louise Hagerty created their own unique specialty insurance program for vintage wooden boats after they couldn’t find proper coverage for their own classics. Their idea pioneered a new niche in the insurance world, which completely changed the way collector vehicles were treated by insurance companies. Hagerty is now the world’s largest specialty insurance provider, focusing its entire business and expertise on classic vehicles. As Hagerty has grown into a global company, we have remained a privately-owned, family business built on a love for classic vehicles. Our passion for the hobby, and our firm belief that our clients deserve the best, have kept us innovating every step of the way

The classic car insurance rates we offer at Hagerty are not only extremely competitive, but our policy features essential benefits when insuring your classic.

As avid classic car owners and enthusiasts ourselves, Hagerty is the UK’s leading specialist classic car insurance company. We are dedicated to continuing the development of specialist insurance exclusively, and do not offer any other insurance products such as household or travel insurance. We can therefore offer you the best premium rates for a comprehensive range of classic car insurance products available in the UK.

And, not only are we a leading UK Classic Car insurer, but we can also cover owners who own 2 wheel classics as well as cars. So, if you are the proud owner of any classic motorcycles too, you really should give us a call.

So what makes up our standard Classic Car insurance for vehicles and collections valued up to £200,000?

Fully comprehensive cover:

Our policy provides you with third party liability insurance and physical damage, fire and theft cover.

Agreed Value:

We offer an agreed value policy for all our covered vehicles, ensuring that your classic car is protected for its true value. To safeguard you the enthusiast, we ask you to verify the mileage and send us 7 images for our files within 30 days. The safety of an ‘Agreed Value’ is then displayed in your policy documents

Discounted premiums

Extra discounts for policies are available when insuring more than one classic vehicle.

Classic Car Club Member Discounts

We recognise your loyalty to your club by providing a discount on your annual policy. Also, for registered enthusiasts of the SVA we offer the same membership discount, so if your a car club member or subscribed to the SVA e-news letter, coming to Hagerty makes even more sense!

Porsche Club GB or TIPEC member? No problem, come to Hagerty and see how our rates compare

Laid up Cover

We can also provide cover for classic cars that are not road registered and not driven on the road at all, but that may still require damage, fire and theft insurance. This also applies to race cars and vehicles in restoration.

European Touring Cover

Our policy provides up to 90 days of cover for travel throughout all of Europe.

Breakdown and Recovery (UK and Europe)

Our quotes include full breakdown and recovery insurance across the UK and Europe from the RAC.

Plus Much More

Including legal expenses, driving other classics (depending on your insurance underwriter), cover for your personal belongings and more! And, if your unsure of the value of your classic car, Hagerty have the sectors leading Valuation Platform:



Specialist rates for classic car owners registered with the SVA