Heritage Engineering Ltd

Based in the old RAF base, Bicester Heritage. Heritage Engineering Ltd are among some highly specialised classic vehicle businesses at the site.

Heritage Engineering Ltd have a range of CNC machines (Computer controlled machines working to far greater tolerances than people can), and a wealth of experience and expertise in all things engineered.  They specialise in the production of low volume bespoke components and have the ability to manufacture without part drawings if required. Where drawings are available the company works to the tolerances needed for some of the most powerful engine requirements. The trained and perfectionist engineers working there, can also manually mill and turn components quickly when needed. From castings, work from scratch or ‘billet’ materials.

The company are also happy either on open days or for customers to pre-arrange to visit and discuss their own special needs or vehicle requirements
Detailed drawings available aid production but even where not, the Heritage Engineering team will deliver..

Heritage Engineering can help with either single elements or whole solutions from casting to final heat treatments and finishing.  Whether the requirement is large or small, let them know what your needs and questions are and they will be more than happy to help owners and collectors.

Using all metals and in any design requirement including multi tool needs such as a single item requiring, turning, milling, grinding and more



We are proud members of the SVA and will happily work with business and owners on special projects or short lead times wherever possible
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