Classic AND everyday car insurance together with ‘SVA 8 Wheels’ by Abbeyfields Insurance

Classic & Modern Classic Car Insurance in an expert and friendly fashion

SVA 8 Wheels, brings together your Classic-Collectible AND everyday car on a SINGLE insurance policy!

SVA 8 Wheels will save time, money and the hassle of different renewal dates, allowing you to insure:

  • A Classic and your everyday car
  • Multiple Classics and your everyday Car into a ‘Multi-policy’
  • Modern Collectible and Mid Net Worth Cars (Up to £200,000) and an everyday Car

Founded by husband and wife David and Lyn, Abbeyfields Insurance is a family run specialist vehicle insurance broker. Their team of brokers and underwriters have spent over 35 years working in the classic car and multi car insurance industry.

Directors David and Lyn said:

“We work with the SVA to build classic car insurance packages for your requirements so you only pay for what you need. That’s how we minimise costs, while offering tailored cover that perfectly fits the needs of Classic and Modern Collectible car owners. We do not use phone options or automated attendants. When you call, you’re straight through to our friendly and specialist team who do not use scripts. No scripts mean you are free to talk to us about everything related to your vehicles. Just simple conversation without the jargon and where you are treated like a customer NOT another sale”.

Meet our Friendly and Expert team

Abbeyfields Insurance team
Based in Halesowen Birmingham Abbeyfields have an experienced team of staff with an in depth understanding of Classic & Collectible cars

Abbeyfields have a dedicated and experienced team who specialise in commercial and liability products, general and high net worth and prestige home insurance. They work in conjunction with their classic and multi car teams, giving SVA members an extended offering of Products and Services.

Mult-Car small and larger collections

Our video gives a quick insight into the benefits of having a Multi-Car policy

All Abbeyfields require is more vehicles than drivers. They can combine all of these vehicle types under one policy with no loss of policy benefits:

Abbeyfields Insurance are split into two categories:


  • A Multi car scheme that is nationwide and designed for mid and high net worth areas
  • More cars than drivers
  • One vehicle must have a minimum value of £12,000
  • People named on the policy must be aged between 30 to 76 years
  • Named drivers must all live at the main residence (Can accommodate a second address such as storage premises or a holiday home)
  • Policy benefits pass on to spouse or partner


  • Classic and Modern Collectible car owners and collectors
  • Vintage and antique vehicle owners and collectors
  • Special and niche vehicle owners collectors (e.g. kit cars and ex-military vehicles)
  • Higher net worth incomes who drive or collect prestige and luxury vehicles up to £250,000

The SVA works with Abbeyfield Insurance for Everyday and Mid Net Worth vehicle Insurance because they are different: Unlike direct insurance providers or comparison websites, their quotations are not based on automated systems. They underwrite their own policies and use good old fashioned human assessment to ensure that the level of cover is suitable and the premium is based on the right risks factors. That’s SVA customer service!

SVA Insurance by Abbeyfields, features and benefits you can expect:

Get a Quote today and remember to mention your an SVA customer to receive our special rates..

Call the team on 0121 550 2380 for a quick quote or to discuss your Car or Collection. Open 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday

Or you can also leave your details using the quote form on their website: Abbeyfields Insurance

SVA Says: We choose our Working Partners carefully and Abbeyfields Insurance along with our 2 other Founder Partners Hagerty & Classic Insurance Services, we wholeheartedly recommend them to SVA Trade and Enthusiast members to buy your Classic, Modern Collectible and Everyday Car insurance Martyn Raybould MD



Abbeyfields is one of our highly recommended Insurance Partners for SVA members
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