Jaguar XJ40 Register

The online group for XJ and XJ81 enthusiasts

The ideal place for owners, collectors and enthusiasts of Jaguar 208, 733 XJ40 and XJ81 models between 1986 and 1994. The Specialist Vehicle Trade Association is pleased to be a new supporter to the Register, XJ40 Register members around the World are welcome to benefit from any discounts and services displayed by SVA members..

The distinctive square lights were not exclusive but easily recognised

The XJ40 Register was founded in June 2016 to research as many of the 208,733 XJ40/XJ81 (1986-1994) cars as possible. Starting with my own two XJ40 cars.

More about us..

By collaborating with owners, enthusiasts and supporters from all over the world, the Register has documented over 87,000 cars. And, we are adding more daily – it is the biggest private endeavour of its kind and we are keen to continue growing it to the benefit of all.

The XJ was and remains very popular across the USA such as this fine example

The Register is taking steps to hopefully one day becoming a prominent club in its own right, but just now its online only using Facebook as our go-to for advice. It is still non-revenue generating whilst I build it up to a more comprehensive standard (website addresses have been purchased) and we will let everyone know on our Facebook web page.

The legendary Jaguar cabin was luxurious and a real drivers zone

As officer, I do however attend as many events as I can throughout the UK, promoting our fantastic cars, and the only exclusive XJ40 resource to exist at this time. Paul Keating

If you would like to get in touch or to learn more about this particular car go to Call on 07811 011727 or Email:

SVA Says: Having owned 2 Jaguar XJ cars I have fond memories of my XJ6 and XJR supercharged models.. We were pleased to support this important register of cars and trust owners and enthusiasts will make contact and share their interests..

Martyn Raybould MD Specialist Vehicle Associates