John Brooks Photo: Member of the Guild of Motoring Writers

John is an active member of the Guild as a Writer, Photographer, Publisher and hosts a Photo Library. Expert in the field of Photography for many years he has a busy website, featuring a range of interesting track and other postings from around the World.

To give readers a pinch of the interesting articles on the DoubleDeClutch,com website, below is a piece from his July 2019 visit to a little known but highly interesting and local event to him in Belgravia London.

‘A few Sundays back I toddled up to London, my destination was Belgrave Square with the intention of attending the Belgravia Classic Car Show. I was not sure what to expect, cities these days are largely anti-car despite the many freedoms we have enjoyed since the horseless carriage arrived……perhaps that is it. Can’t have the peasants making decision for themselves, can we? Who knows where it might end? They will be asking for the vote next’……. Several of the cars on show caught my eye like this Bristol 405 Drophead Coupé, idiosyncratic motoring from the 50’s.

Below is a further collection of some of the interesting and varied cars on show at the event, to read more or the full piece go to;



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