Julian Parish Guild of Motoring Writers member, Writer and Journalist

Member of the Guild of Motoring Writers

Julian is a full-time professional writer and translator of motoring books and other communications. As a writer and member of the Guild of Motoring Writers, he has written six books published by Veloce Publishing in the UK on subjects including classic car touring in France, rotary-engined Mazdas and modern classic Mercedes. These are all available on his website..

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My work is usually a mix of writing (seven books published by Veloce), translating from French and German into English – and event commentary. As a translator, I may be able to help SVA members in the UK who run classic car resellers or restoration businesses and who are sometimes confronted with a car history file full of documents in French and German, which they cannot understand themselves or share with their prospective customers. In fact, I viewed just such a car at the London Classic Car Show in February which had recently been restored in Paris. In cases like these, I would not like to rely on a combination of OCR software and Google Translate to make sense of a handwritten invoice for service work done abroad! For a high-end car or one potentially facing expensive repairs, the cost of a professional translation is inconsequential.

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As a professional automotive translator, I would be happy to provide your members with a preferential quote or sample translation. In normal times, I translate auction catalogues for Artcurial and Aguttes into English, as well as event communications for organisers including Rallystory and the Festival Automobile International. I have translated six motoring books from French into English and four from German into English, for publishers including Dalton Walton, ETAI and Veloce, on subjects including Italian car design, classic car restoration and modern classics from Mercedes. I would be happy to provide references from my clients.

I hold an MA in Modern Languages from the University of Oxford and am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. I am fully set up to work remotely, with broadband access and Skype, and can offer a fast turnaround time.

I have also written for magazines including Classic & Sports Car and Mercedes Driver. I hold an MA in Modern Languages from the University of Oxford and am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. I specialise in translating motoring texts from French and German into English. I have translated nine books on subjects as varied as Italian sports cars, concept car design, classic car restoration and historic rallies, published by Dalton Watson, ETAI and others. I also undertake commercial translation work for clients including Aguttes, Artcurial, the Festival Automobile International and Rallystory.
As an SVA member, Julian would also be happy to help members with bilingual event commentary in English and French; I presently commentate at meetings at Montlhéry, the Circuit du Val de Vienne and elsewhere in France.

For details on purchasing or commissioning books and to explore specialist assistance during the Covid19 issues or anything else with Julian, please make contact confirming you are an SVA member to enjoy his preferential rates.

These and other books, articles and content are available from Julian and all books are available on Amazon.



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