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Knight International knows no boundaries. Not international ones nor Automotive ones, because our cars are the pinnacle of engineering excellence, with Hyper-Cars from Mc Laren, Ferrari, Porsche and other makers of extraordinary and limited-run cars, Knight International offer them all. In addition the buying process and delivery are all handled with Private Client levels of service. *If you would like to work with Knight International or make these extraordinary cars available to your own clients, get in touch at Knight International/career.

The Knight International phenomenon starts with Gary Knight himself

Founder Gary Knight

Gary joined the supercar world at the tender age of 24, when he purchased a rather sad-looking Ferrari 308 GT4, After months of restoration work, he sold it for a tidy profit and naturally continued buying and selling Ferraris.

This led to eager Ferrari buyers asking him to source rare vehicles for them, so he set about cultivating an independent list of Ferraris for sale in the UK. Then the internet age arrived and Gary soon found himself sourcing cars for high-net-worth clients all over the world through his new company,

The rising popularity of supercars brought with it a rise in the number of amateur brokers, most with very little knowledge of how to conduct high-value deals safely and confidentially. The term ‘broker’ quickly became associated with backyard operators, so Knight International was born.

Gary’s 38 years’ experience in supercar and hypercar sales has seen Knight International grow to become one of the largest and most successful hypercar brokerage firms in the world. By forming strategic ‘insider’ partnerships with a number of manufacturers and collectors.

Knight International stock some of the Worlds most exclusive vehicles such as the limited run Ferrari Monza SP1-2

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We know our cars are extraordinary, as is our service to clients. So we decided to compliment our website with probably the Worlds first Hyper-Car virtual showroom. Our unique way to work around the showroom in real time from the convenience of your office or home and from anywhere across the planet.

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Where the car, really is the Star

Knight International are thrilled to offer one of the finest cars in our history, the astonishing McLaren F1 GTR Short tail. 

Rarely do these cars ever come on to the market, the car will offer is a private sale and strictly off-market. For the safety of the owner and buyer, we cannot reveal much detail, not even the colour without a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.

We can say its one of finest GTR Short tails ever to offered for sale. In 1996  Short Tail variant was the fastest of all the GTRs in terms of straight-line speed, one recording no less than 330kph down Mulsanne during the 1996 Le Mans race. For more information, please email us and our Lawyer will send you a NDA in return.

McLaren F1 GTR for sale as at march 2022!

Knight International are delighted to offer a 2020 McLaren Speedtail. The car we offer is a private off-market sale so we can not display the actual car or its colour, but we can reveal its a one-off colour, UK tax paid and available for immediate delivery. Price £2.650m GBP.

Upon receiving a signed NDA, we will be able to send the full details of the car, including photos, video and spec sheet.

The McLaren Speedtail is a limited-production hybrid sports car manufactured by McLaren Automotive. This car is the fourth addition in the McLaren Ultimate Series, after the Senna, the P1, and the F1. The car is also part of the 18 new cars or derivatives that McLaren will launch as part of its Track22 business plan.

The Speedtail was unveiled on October 26, 2018.

In November 2018, McLaren planned to build 106 examples of the Speedtail, all of which have already been sold, at an MSRP of around £2.1 million. Due in part to its use of cameras in lieu of side mirrors and no side-mounted airbags, the Speedtail is not street legal in the United States, even though around 35% of the total cars were bought by American buyers. A spokeswoman for the company stated that the car may be legal, pending approval by NHTSA, to be imported into the U.S. under the “Show or Display” law, which exempts cars that are “historically or technologically significant” from NHTSA safety standards but requires that owners not drive the vehicle more than 2,500 miles in a 12-month period. McLaren has made it clear that they will not offer assistance with importing or registering the Speedtail in the U.S.

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