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Rare, Collectible & Classic Car Transport Services

With in excess of 20 years of  experience in transporting high value equipment both nationwide and across Europe, the expertise in transportation logistics is of a very high standard at Mack Logistics. However, when it comes to classic car transportation there is a little something extra required that only owners of classic cars and high value vehicles will understand.

Our fully secure multi-vehicle transporters feature solid door security for both sides and rear loading to ensure vehicles are safe and secure during transportation

It is difficult to quantify but this understanding is largely based on trust and although there are many very experienced car transportation services not all of them are owners of classic or vintage cars themselves. After years of loving attention, blood, sweat, tears and usually a considerable amount of money, you have an attachment with the vehicle and anxiety when placing it in the hands of a third-party is always high. An example of the trust customers put into our services is Formula 1 driver Jody Schecter’s championship Winning Ferrari, we shipped this irreplaceable car to and from Modena in 2019 for servicing and maintenance. Then the icing on the cake was he asked us to transport it to show at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza !

With Insurance cover for vehicles up to £2,000,000, Mack transportation has got it covered..

Passion for all aspects of automotive vehicles and especially Classic cars and Motorcycles has been a way of life for the owner of Mack Logistics. It is from ownership experience that the company was created and with a simple goal: give owners of high value vehicles a 1 to 1 service with  like-minded people who will care for their investment like it was their own.

From a very modern McLaren to..
This rare and collectible veteran vehicle being transported to a show for one of our clients. Both cars have entirely different loading and storage requirements, but all of these needs are in place, making Mack the perfect choice for owners and collectors.

Dedicated vehicle transport care when there is just a single vehicle to transport

Our fleet of two vehicles include the latest Landrover Discovery models and fully secure, adaptable trailers for loading

If you have a requirement for dedicated transportation care of your vehicle to either new storage, specialist service facilities, race, rally or other event contact Mack Logistics and allow us to provide you with the kind of Car Transportation solution you would want.



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