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The driving force behind ‘Auto Royale’, one of the UK’s most important motoring events in 2021

We are a truly international team of event professionals with expertise in exhibitions and event management services. We have a single-minded focus to create the most memorable, targeted, and inspirational motoring and lifestyle events. Over more than 20-years, the executive team behind the business have operated in the automotive, motorsport, classic and collector car markets, creating some of the most successful and inspiring events around the world. 
Our initial event in 2021 Auto Royale Concours to be held in the stunning grounds of the Rothchild Waddesdon Manor will be the first Multi-Class Concours d’Elegance event in the UK. It will offer any significant collector and classic car owner an environment to show their exceptional car/s. The unique event will deliver the quality of experience and concours judging standards of the World famous Pebble Beach Concours.

Event Director Paul Mathers

To find out more about location and dates to attend the Auto Royale Concours 2021 click on any of the images or go to:

Waddesdon Manor, home of the Rothchild family art collection is now part of the National Trust

Do you own a Rare, Modern Performance or Classic car as a member of a club ?

We already have some of the World’s most important and beautiful concours cars for the competition, but we would love to include your own. Also, owners of Super and Hyper cars are welcome to show them at the event in complete safety on individual days or for the full weekend. Club Member cars will be welcomed to the event through a special Club invitational. If you are a club officer or member and would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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