Auto Royale Concours 2021

The ‘Jewel in the crown’ in the Marque II Media events

Britain’s finest traditional, Multi-Class Concours D’Elegance

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Much more than a classic car show and much more than a summer party, Auto Royale Concours brings together Europe’s finest vintage and classic car restorations of the year, and the rarest and most beautiful examples of automotive design and history from around the world. Be among the first to book your 2021 concours event with Auto Royale!

Ben Guynan Sales Director – Paul Mathers Event Director

The British International Concours d’Elegance in which up to 100 cars from Britain and abroad compete for a range of traditional class awards, special celebration awards and the coveted Best in Show. Destined to take its place among the World’s most important concours d’elegance competitions, all classes of vehicles from Edwardian era to 1980 are eligible for entry and ultimate selection.

Successful entrants will enjoy a 5-star weekend at the former Rothchild family property, with special events and private Driver’s Club membership whilst showcasing their special vehicle to thousands of classic motoring enthusiasts.

Concours Classes


Pre-War (Closed)

Pre-War (Open)

Pre-War (Open)

Post-War (Closed)


Classic (Performance)

Classic (Sports/Racing)

Preservation (Pre-1950)

Preservation (Post-1950)

Restoration of the Year

Celebration classes for 2021

Carrozzerie Scaglietti

Drogo Carrozzeria

110th birthday of Juan Manuel Fangio

120th birthday of Sir William Lyons (featuring the 70th anniversary of C-Type)

Special Class

The Dorothy Levitt Award
This award is presented in honour of the driver they once called “the fastest girl on Earth”, the top-class British “lady driver” and Ladies World Speed Record (1905) holder. Winner of the 1903 Southport Speed Trials and 1907 Herkomer Trophy, Levitt was also credited with teaching Queen Alexandra to drive. This special trophy is awarded to the most elegant car entered by a female collector.

There are a range of activities and events as the back drop to the Concours d’Elegance, including:

The Exhibitors

Up to 70 exhibitors, from leading car brands to automotive restorers, touring destinations, artists, maintenance, aftermarket and automotive lifestyle products will be invited to make up the Exhibitors area

Take your brand face to face with the British and international collector car and enthusiast community, generate leads and brand awareness, sample products or sell to new and existing customers. The Exhibitors area is quite simply the business hub of the event, for more details contact: Ben Guynan
+44 (0)7946 801456

Watch Dave ‘Cookie’ Cook, £1m Cegga Ferrari 250GT owner in a recent interview

This rare Cegga Ferrari 250 built by the legendary Gachnang’s & Neil Twyman

See this £1m car from its original aluminium to full Ferrari Red at the show..

The Tour & Grand Arrival

The exclusive Tour is the official opening event of Auto Royale and takes entrants of the British International Concours d’Elegance on a scenic drive through Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

A light breakfast precedes the first leg of the Tour, then there is a stop for brunch and to display the cars en route, before finishing with the Grand Arrival at Waddesdon Manor.

For Friday afternoon ticket holders, the Grand Arrival of the Tour is a highlight of the day and the best opportunity visitors will have to see the cars of the concours in motion as they take their places on the front lawns of Waddesdon Manor. It will be an auspicious arrival and one that genuine enthusiasts will not want to miss.

Hyper-Supercar lawn

Every automotive passion begins somewhere and often it is with the exotic, engineering marvels that are supercars. Supercar clubs and owners are invited to join the celebration by displaying their prized, modern-day exotics

Some of the World’s most exciting super cars will be on display like this Ferrari above

Take advantage of the closest onsite parking available, show your supercar and be part of Auto Royale Concours whilst sharing your passion with those who only dare to dream. With discounted general entry tickets available for Supercar Lawn participants, entry is open to all post-1980 sports cars over 3-litres including Brabham, Bugatti, Ferrari, Gumpert, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, McLaren, Noble, Pagani, Spyker and more.

Get close to some of the World’s most exciting hyper car models like this Pagani

A party to complete this remarkable event

As the sun sets on each amazing day, invited guests will enjoy five-star hospitality at the official opening night party. This is an exclusive opportunity open only to invited guests, entrants and sponsors, and a maximum of 200 VIP ticket holders (Internet purchase only).

Wine, Table, Place Setting, Dinner
Details on the party will follow shortly

Watch the sun go down over the British International Concours d’Elegance, with champagne, cocktails and musical entertainment along with the who’s who of the international collector car community.

Our event partnerships are a priority for us

At Auto Royale Concours, we are focused on developing mutually beneficial partnerships. Our partners are true stakeholders in our business and our success is tied with theirs. Some events offer branding, others offer lead generation or sales opportunities, but few offer both. Auto Royale Concours point of difference is that it is inclusive, with access to entry for both wealthy collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Auto Royale Concours offers a range of bespoke partnerships for companies looking for customer-facing opportunities in a unique and exclusive environment targeting both ultra-high-net-worth and high-net-worth collectors and consumers alongside aspirational, ABC1 automotive enthusiasts.

Bespoke opportunities exist for the following

  • Naming Rights partner
  • Concours partner
  • Tour partner
  • Timing partner
  • Financial partner
  • Auction partner
  • Insurance partner
  • Opening Night partner
  • Special Class partners
  • Club House

Some of these may now be filled, but a range of other Bespoke opportunities are available and can be discussed to suit any requirements. For more information about event partnerships, please contact the Sales Director Ben Guynan at or complete the following form:

As a Business or Trader please contact the offices using the links above or call +44 (0)7946 801456 for more details

Go to To find out more or to buy tickets..

SVA Says: The Specialist Vehicle Trade Association was over the moon to be invited to adopt Auto Royale Concours as an official partner to the SVA. Having worked in the Classic and Performance Car World for over 14 years, I cant think of anyone better than Paul, Ben Guynan and the team to deliver an outstanding event. Auto Royale Concours we believe will become a ‘Must attend’ event in the calendar and we recommend all SVA members around the World to find out more about, sponsorship, exhibiting or attending this important event.

Martyn Raybould MD



SVA members will be amongst the first to hear news on this unique event and booking details