Mercedes Benz Club: Denmark

The Mercedes club for Danish owners around the world

Mercedes Benz clubs are among the most popular and busy car clubs in the world, the SVA is extremely pleased to work with Mercedes Klub Denmark. To read further details in Danish, please scroll down the page. To read this page in Danish, please go to

The Mercedes-Benz brand has gathered people since day one, from the car’s origins in 1886. In Denmark, a group of enthusiasts started a Club in 1986, where the purpose is the unity of the brand, the social to be together to preserve and spread interest in the elderly and special models, it has today become that there are approx. 700 members, with models from 1930 to the latest models, and well over 1200 cars.

Everyone is welcome. The group was founded by a group of Mercedes owners, but it is not at all a requirement that you have a Mercedes-Benz. Our purpose is to promote the interest in all the cars from the over 100 year old and honored German car brand and everything from convertibles to commercial vehicles. You are very welcome in the club, as long as you just share the fascination of what we believe is the world’s most beautiful car brand.

The Club welcomes owners with Classic & Modern Collectible Mercedes Cars

Today we are part of an international network of like-minded clubs, which like us arrange various events and meet across national borders, to the great delight of our members. In Denmark, we are gathered about a common website with news. A calendar with our many activities and exchange of experiences, purchases, sales and much more interesting, the club also has a fantastic club magazine in A4 format which comes 4 times a year.

Modern Mercedes Benz owners are welcome

Once a year, the club arranges its big summer reunion with i.a. drive, flea market, communal dining and socializing, among the amazing Mercedes-Benz cars. These summer meetings are held alternately in Jutland, Funen and Zealand. Activities such as lectures, company visits and car rides are held in all parts of the country. Made by our members In the club there are Section meetings for those who are interested, for a particular Mercedes-Benz model, such as Pagoda, Pontoon, veteran and others. Visits to cultural sites and company visits at home and abroad are arranged, as well as some fantastic rides in our lovely and beautiful Denmark, arranged by our members.

Four times a year, all members receive the club’s membership magazine, Sølvstjernen, which contains articles about Mercedes-Benz, members’ experiences with their Mercedes-Benz cars and about the club’s other activities.

As a member of Mercedes-Benz Klub Danmark, you will receive a club card.
With this club card you can get various discounts on, spare parts, hotels and museums, as well as discounts in the Mercedes-Benz official club shop, with over 1400 original merchandise, including scale models, watches, clothes, etc.
In addition to a strong community with activities, club nights and company visits plus a forum where you can get answers
to every conceivable question (registration required) Plus you get up to 25% discount at authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers across the country.

We are always looking forward to new members. Welcome to Mercedes-Benz Klub Danmark.

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