Met Tec Engineering

For Performance and Classic Car engineering and fabrication

At Met-Tec we have a passion for excellence, a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from three decades working within Formula 1Marine Aerospace and Military industries. Working on projects as diverse as components for race cars, classic cars, aluminium steps, machine batch work or a simple garden structure, we welcome your project to our fully equipped facilities.

Met-Tec is located in a rural location, not far from the M40 motorway, Junction 11. Our location is such that the outsourcing of our manufacture enables us control our costs and provide the best prices possible for our clients.

Met-Tec employ coded welders and skilled fabricators. We pride ourselves in providing a professional, efficient and friendly service to all our customers.

Sheet Metal Work, Fabrication & Welding

Our team of skilled individuals are capable of working with steel, Aluminium ferrous and non ferrous metals. We use Mig Tig and MMA welding methods and have over 35 years of welding and fabrication experience.

In brief we offer our customers quality workmanship without over inflated prices. Our growing workforce of skilled welders, machine operators, and technical sales personnel can offer an individual personal service in addition to quality workmanship in fabrication, assembly cutting, forming, performance automotive components and welding.

We can fabricate to customers specification from one off pieces to multiple production. We cover commercial, industrial or the private sector projects for:

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Tig and Mig Applications, Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals

General Light Engineering

Milling and Turning

Performance Automotive Components, Radiators, Intercoolers and Suspension Components

Commercial and Non Commercial Projects

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Our work in the Performance and Classic Car sector is unparalleled

Creating and repairing performance car parts requires the attention to detail and tolerances that Met-Tec provide every day for a range of automotive companies, both for the enthusiast, business and Formula 1 world’s. Met-Tec specialist in Performance automotive components, Radiators, Intercoolers, and Suspension Components. Sheet metal is also a speciality of ours often to order for specific projects.

Motorsport Pit Equipment

We are able to manufacture your team pit equipment and are proficient in producing: Wheel and tyre trollies, wheel baths and fuel bowsers, refuelling rigs and gas bottle trollies.

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