Mirage Automotive Developments Ltd

Manufacturer of classically styled sports & GT cars

The Company was founded in late 2016 as a new automotive manufacturer based from within the UK, Mirage Automotive
Developments currently produces classically styled, modern engineered sports and GT cars worldwide. However, the initial design and development for the company’s first model (the Mirage GT) started way
back in 2011. The original brief was to marry the style and poise of classic mid-century cars from the golden age of automotive design, with 21st century technology and engineering to give you a classic without the compromise. The company achieved this in late 2017 with the launch of their 3ltr GT for the UK market.

The quality of build and finish of a car is what influences its future values in the long term, what starts as a modern performance car
In time becomes a valuable classic car..

Since then, the company now produces both RHD and LHD variants of the Mirage GT and exports
worldwide. Customers can choose from various drivetrain, interior and exterior options to give a truly
personalised car.
Electrification is a key part of the product roadmap and the company is in the early stages of developing an all-electric version of their popular GT which may be followed by a hydrogen fuelled version.

The preformance GT in Classic track livery

Create your own future classic to your personal and exacting requirements..

Our range of performance and collectible cars

Our craftsmen and paint shop

Our craftsmen are expert and experienced in the detailed works needed to exceed our customers expectations..
In addition to our own vehicles we can undertake specialist work for a range of iconis Classics such as this Austin 3000 in British Racing Green

Building your own GT is completed in stages

Stage 1

For more information on buying or building your own GT or Sports car go to www.mirageautomotive.co.uk Email enquiries@mirageautomotive.co.uk or call +44(0) 7803 044795



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