MotorInn Solihull

Quality local repairs and maintenance

The SVA Says: When you take a classic or collectible car to a garage for servicing, restoration or repair, the most important thing is the confidence you have in the garage and its workshop. Well this small workshop in the West Midlands of Engand is a blinder! We have never seen a review sheet of rave reviews, for such a small relatively local business.. Well done John Walker and Team.

Based in Birmingham England, John Walker is a small workshop with a serious attitude to completing a fine job at the right price for popular classic cars such as MG, Triumph, Ford, Jaguar and more. MotorInn being a small business also maintain owners everyday cars.

Great work at an everyday price in Birmingham

A wide range of affordable classic and collectible plus every day cars catered for

Jaguars being popular and affordable classics and future classics are a common site at MotorInn Solihull. And costs shouldn’t need to be expensive. That is where John and the team really stand out with regular car maintenance.

To find out more or to speak to John and his team, call 0121 742 9349 or email:



SVA members around Birmingham welcome