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About Northern Assessors

Northern Assessors have a nationwide network of vehicle assessors and engineers that provide full engineering coverage. We also have a highly skilled and experienced office team that are always available to meet our client’s needs.

Our Engineers

Here at Northern Assessors we have a dedicated team of qualified Automotive Engineers, Accident and Inspection Investigators, Valuers, Assessors and Consultants, located nationwide to provide a full UK engineering coverage, ensuring a high standard of customer service every time.

Investment in Technology

The investment in qualified, resourceful and highly skilled people and our continuous commitment to efficiency are just a few of the secrets of our success.

Nowhere has this become more evident than in our administration department where we are constantly updating with the latest computer and communications technology.

We realise that in order to keep up with competitors we needed to implement efficient technology throughout the whole business, with time saving and secure communication devices being at the forefront of the business.

Report production is a fundamental part of the process here at Northern Assessors; therefore it is essential that our systems are quick and easy to use, in and outside of the office. Any instruction to Northern Assessors will result in a comprehensive and professional report with the fastest possible turnaround.

The speed of our response is also helped by our proximity to the major motorway networks and with Engineers well placed throughout the UK, we are within striking distance of even the remotest corners of the country.

Our Engineers and our office environment are well assisted with the considerable capabilities of the Audatex system where we are able to provide a thorough and detailed reporting service which is fully supported by the EVA system and where instant MI stats can be produced for such requirements as savings reports etc.

Northern Assessors is an independent firm and family business

Our second generation, family business began in 1985 and has seen an impressive growth within this changing market. This development occurred through our ability to adapt to customers’ needs and is not only within the growth of our client portfolio but our ability to stay ahead of technological advances.

Northern Assessors is made up of experienced, highly skilled staff and a dynamic management team that are always available to meet all our clients’ needs.

Our range of services include:

We also offer the following services:

  • Salvage categorisation & disputes
  • Diminution in value assessment and reports
  • Industrial fallout contamination inspections
  • Specialist electronic vehicle diagnostic reports and analysis in relation to ‘stored’ electronic vehicle systems data and crash data analysis stored in modern vehicles
  • Used car warranty inspections
  • Salvage disposal, categorisation problems & disputes with AQP review
  • Repairer/Garage Premises Audits
  • Vehicle Damage Estimator Training
Northern Assessors Ltd are recognised by some of the sectors leading companies

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