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Promoting the Preservation and Enjoyment of Historic Vehicles

The Classic Car platform improving visibility of everyone with an interest in Classic and older vehicles through free club websites, a searchable directory, event listings and our social network.

Promoting the Preservation and Enjoyment of Historic Vehicles

Ojedo Media mainly caters to the heritage vehicle movement and is focussed on improving the online visibility of everyone with an interest in older vehicles and machinery.

PHOTO – Made in Belfast: Chambers and DMC DeLorean on the Thompson Graving Dock where RMS Titanic was completed

Historic vehicles are, quite rightly, recognised as an important part of our industrial and cultural heritage. Interest is being kept alive by vehicle owners, clubs, museums and the visitors who attend the many events held throughout the year.

Although there are a lot of people and organisations involved in the historic vehicle movement, it is often difficult to get a comprehensive overview of everyone’s interests. We want to fix that and show what is happening around the world by focussing on all aspects of older vehicles.

We plan to cover everything from vintage and classic cars, commercials, tractors, motorsport, scooters and motorcycles to traction engines, steam trains and vintage planes (and anything else we can get away with).

Ojedo Media owns, operates and manages several online projects under the tag line: “Promoting the Preservation and Enjoyment of Historic Vehicles“

Some of our current projects

  • An online social network for heritage vehicle enthusiasts,
  • A club, museum, event and business directory,
  • Free and low cost websites for clubs, museums and suppliers,
  • A transport book (and other media) website, and
  • A website dedicated to celebrating automotive anniversaries

All our projects are listed on the Ojedo Media website.


We set up AutoBookMobile a few years ago to track all new Veteran, Vintage & Classic car books, magazines and DVD releases, but also to create a record of older publications and where to buy them.

The Concours Project

The Concours Project provides a showcase for all types of heritage transport and machinery. We hope to create an extensive database of vehicles by year, marque and model.

Fliver Online

Flivver Online helps anyone involved in the heritage vehicle movement to get online quickly by offering free and low-cost websites as well as advice and support to manage their online presence.

The Lost Garage & Cafe

The Lost Garage is a hand-edited directory of local clubs and societies, places to visit and events. You can also find a range of suppliers dedicated to the heritage vehicle movement.

The Lost Garage Cafe is an online community of heritage of vehicle and machinery enthusiasts where you can chat, share information, invite your friends, join groups and generally hang out.

The Lost Garage Gazette

The Lost Garage Gazette is an online newspaper and bi-weekly email newsletter which aggregates stories from around the internet about heritage vehicles (plus some newer stuff).

The Cake Stand Online

Citroen, BMW, Audi and Landrover all had model anniversaries in 2020

Cake Stand Online is a website dedicated to covering birthdays and anniversaries within the automotive industry including clubs, events, marques and companies celebrating important milestones.

If you would like to know more or to get in touch.

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Email: info@ojedomedia.com

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SVA members can access a range of online promotion opportunities related to the heritage vehicle movement.