Award winning photography, providing a specialist service for your image needs in the motoring industry.

Lara Platman founded Photofeature in 1998 as an agency for photographic commissions. The company has evolved into a photo archive with over 4000 images available for licencing to advertising, corporate and editorial clients many in the car sector. A race card holder, a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers and author of several books, Lara provides extraordinary images of some of the world’s most iconic vehicles.

Whether your business needs imagery for your website, point of sale and brochures with newly commissioned or stock photography, Lara can provide everything you require.




SVA member rates apply when you confirm membership.  We will also provide a free of charge appraisal of your current imagery displayed in brochures, websites and other media platforms. New commissions and purchase of stock imagery will receive a 10% discount.
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